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In order for your business to be successful, you’ve got to make sure your facilities are thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Failure to do so could result in injuries, defective products, sickness and even lawsuits.

Cleaning large warehouses, manufacturing facilities and parking lots can be challenging. Oftentimes, these locations are forced to endure strenuous conditions.

Getting the dirt, grime, dust and deep stains out of your surfaces requires more than a mop and broom; it requires strong cleaning machines for floors.

The good news is that by investing in high-quality carpet and floor scrubbers, the grounds of your facilities will be clean for years to come. At Bortek Industries, we pride ourselves on selling the best floor scrubber machines on the market. From auto scrubbers to carpet scrubbers, we’re sure to have the right choice for you.

Looking for Floor Scrubbers in the Philadelphia Area?

The needs of every business are different. Whether you own a parking complex, a manufacturing facility or a warehouse, you’re certain to find the scrubber that will work wonders for your business at Bortek Industries.

We’re pleased to carry a wide assortment of scrubbers. Some of our products include:

  • Viper Fang 32T. Easy to use and versatile, when your cleaning crew uses the Viper Fan 32T, you will certainly notice the results. This superior machine packs quite the punch, leaving surfaces impeccably clean. With a cleaning path of 32 inches and a battery life of five hours, your crew will be able to cover a whole lot of ground – quickly.
  • Factory Cat MicroMag. Designed to clean the floors of car dealerships, machine shops and tractor-trailer service bays, the Factory Cat MicroMag is a scrubber that’ll help you make sure your warehouse is as clean as can be. The MicroMag is fully customizable, so your workers will be comfortable as they thoroughly clean your facilities.
  • PowerBoss Phoenix 33. With a 33-inch reach, this machine can cover a ton of area to increase your cleaning team’s productivity. An environmentally conscious vehicle, the Phoenix 33 uses less water and chemicals than comparable machines. This floor scrubber was designed to ensure that technicians are as comfortable as possible – particularly during longer shifts.

That’s just a taste of our catalog.

Bortek Industries – Our Customers Always Come First

At Bortek Industries, we put our customers at the center of every decision we make. So together, our team will work hard to help you find the floor scrubbing machines that make the most sense for your particular needs.

There’s a good chance you might have some questions as you start deciding which floor scrubbing machine is right for your particular situation. Don’t sweat it: Our team of knowledgeable professionals will answer any and all you might have. That way, you can be sure to buy from an informed perspective.

If you’re in the Philadelphia area and are looking to add a high-quality floor scrubbing machine to your cleaning fleet, look no further. Please give us a call today! We look forward to helping you find the equipment you need to keep your facilities and parking lots clean.

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