Chemical-Free Cleaning Solutions

Combining the Best of Both Worlds – ZERO3 & SUDS

In most applications, chemical-free cleaning results in acceptable levels of cleanliness. But there are still applications and soil loads that require chemistry. In those cases, what do you do?

One System, Two Options: Chemical-Free & Chemical Dilution

The O3+ system delivers seamless control over chemical-free solution and chemical dilution with the flip of a switch. It provides you with two completely separate systems: ZerO3 ® Aqueous Ozone (AO) system and Suds Chemical Dilution system. With the ability to immediately dispense detergent or AO at the flip of a switch, we provide a desirable system that meets the needs of today’s market. Available as a wall-mounted system or internally installed in select machines.

Why O3+?

ZerO3+ Cleaning System
Reduce the Cost to Clean

ZerO3 ® AO solution allows facilities to save by replacing General All-Purpose cleaners. And, by using the Suds Chemical Dilution system, facilities can save by not paying for bulk diluted chemical to be shipped to their facility. Use in a 100 gallon tank of a large rider scrubber would pay for itself in around 6 months and save $35,500+ over ten years!

Improve Facility Appearance

Too much soap being used can result in residue build-up. Soap residue attracts dirt and over time results in darker looking floors. Using Suds to precisely measure soap or using ZerO3 ® AO can brighten floors by removing built-up residue.

Easy Operation & Maintenance

Simple switches to turn systems ON and OFF. LEDs and LCD indicators alert operators when systems are in use. Utilizing simple valves, pumps, filters and generators – both our Suds and ZerO3 ® AO systems are easy to maintain.

Eliminates Odors

When equipment isn’t cleaned thoroughly, usage and storage results in smells and cross-contamination. O3 is widely used to eliminate odors from fire, smoke, pets, and many household problems. In solution, O3 removes odors and creates a healthier work environment.
Minimize Environmental Impact

Reduce your carbon footprint. Suds Chemical Dilution system utilizes super concentrated chemicals, saving empty drums from ending in landfills. ZerO3® AO is created on-site and on-demand, free from landfill potential waste.

Zero3 footprint

Simple Operation

Suds and Zero3

O3+ ® System allows you to use your own non-proprietary, super-condensed chemicals. Simply open the machine’s Suds reservoir and pour in your chemicals. There is no need to measure with the ZerO3 ® System. It holds 0.75 to 1.0 gallons of chemical and bypasses all pumps and valves on equipment.

  • Easily turn ON concentrated chemical whenever you need it. Turn a hard job for chemical-free cleaning into a simple job with the help of a little chemistry.
  • Operators quickly see bubbles on LCD display when Suds system is in operation. 6 total bubbles for “Single Dose” and 12 total bubbles for “Double Dose”.
  • Simple 3-position toggle controls make utilizing the system as simple as could be. The system is OFF, Diluting at 1:250 (“Single Dose”) or Diluting at 1:125 (“Double Dose”).
  • How does the chemistry work?

    Splitting the O2

    Splitting the 02Inside each ZerO3 Generator, Oxygen (O2) molecules are split into single radical Oxygen (O1) atoms via the corona discharge.

    O2 Becomes O3

    The single radical Oxygen (O1) atoms bond to remaining Oxygen (O2) molecules, creating Ozone (O3).

    O3 Attacks

    03 attacksUnstable Ozone (O3) molecules find contaminants to oxidize. The radically bonded Oxygen (O1) atom will attach to the contaminant and destroys the cell wall, eliminating the contaminant.

    O3 Becomes O2

    Now, only simple Oxygen (O2) molecules are left, suitable for safe disposal.

    Ask us about adding this to your next machine or installing a wall-mounted system!