Factory Cat GTX Series Scrubbers

The maneuverability of a walk-behind with the cleaning productivity of ride-on machines. The GTX is compact and delivers high performing scrubbing power.

Cleaning just got easier; the Factory Cat GTX Series rider scrubbers provide the maneuverability of a walk-behinds with the cleaning productivity of ride-on machines. Shorter than some walk-behinds, the compact GTX can u-turn in as little as 57 inches, giving the operator excellent maneuverability in any location. The fully adjustable, spring-suspension chair and armrests make the GTX comfortable for long shift work. Plus, the tall seat gives the operator excellent visibility.

The GTX Series is available in both disk and cylindrical models. The disk model delivers 50% more scrubbing power than competitive brands. The cylindrical model sweeps and scrubs in a single pass. With 35-gallon recovery/solution tanks, 7 hour run time and wider scrub paths, the GTX Series scrubbers can scrub longer, increasing your cleaning productivity. The powerful drive motor can easily climb steep ramps while performing heavy-duty scrubbing. The robust vacuum leaves floors dry and safe for immediate traffic. The GTX is easy to maintain with its tip back tank for easy access to filters, valves, vacuums, batteries and actuator.


  • 24″ to 34″ scrubbing path
  • 35 gallon tank
  • The Central Command II center includes an LCD screen, on-board diagnostics, and hour meters
  • Operator has a spring mounted chair and an adjustable steering wheel
  • The GTX has curtains and wipers to control water flow
  • When the batteries are running low the machine will shut down all systems except the transport so the operator can return and charge it
  • Machine Overview


      We highly recommend using Bortek brand chemical products in this machine. Our cleaning solutions are made with scrubbers in mind, and designed to be low-foaming in order to prevent hazardous overflows.

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      , , , , , ,

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      OSHA HEPA Compliant

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      610-25FC-HD, 610-26FD-HD, 610-28FD-HD, 610-29FC-HD, 610-30FD-HD, 610-33FC-HD, 600-25FC-ST, 600-26FD-ST, 600-28FD-ST, 600-29FC-ST, 600-30FD-ST, 600-33FC-ST, 600-34FD-ST

      Brush Type Options


      Chemical Free Compatibility

      Title Type Size
      Factory Cat GTX Brochure- Bortek Industries Inc application/pdf 3 MB
      Factory Cat Premium Rider Scrubber Brochure- Bortek Industries Inc application/pdf 12 MB
      Factory Cat Full-Line Brochure application/pdf 2 MB
      Factory Cat O3+ Brochure- Bortek Industries Inc application/pdf 4 MB
      Factory Cat ZerO3- OnBoard Sytem application/pdf 1 MB
      ZerO3- Chemical Free Cleaning- Cost Analysis- Bortek Industries Inc application/pdf 1 MB

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