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Bortek Industries, Inc. appointed as the exclusive Schwarze Sweeper Dealer/Partner for Central and Western PA

MECHANICSBURG, PA (September 16, 2022) – Bortek Industries, Inc., a Pennsylvania-based distributor of cleaning and environmental equipment solutions has been appointed as the exclusive dealer partner for Schwarze Street and Parking Sweepers in Central and Western PA. Effective immediately, Bortek will be providing Sales, Service, Warranty, and Parts support for all Schwarze products and customers.Read More

How Do Kärcher Floor Scrubbers Compare to Other Brands?

Overwhelmed at your floor equipment options? We understand. These days, it’s easy to get intimidated at the sheer number of seemingly-identical industrial floor scrubbers. As a typical guy or gal who simply needs to clean your floors, it can certainly be difficult to spot the differences between these machines. To further complicate things, user reviewsRead More

Bortek Industries, Inc. Joins Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing as an Associate Sponsor

MECHANICSBURG, PA (January 4, 2022) – Bortek Industries, Inc., a Pennsylvania-based distributor of cleaning and environmental equipment solutions has joined Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing (RLL) team as an associate sponsor in a multi-year deal beginning with the 2022 NTT INDYCAR SERIES season. The company logo will be featured on the No. 30 entry and transporterRead More

Tennant Co. Discontinues Sentinel Street Sweepers. Here are better alternatives!

Citing operational support costs and declining customers and profit margins, Tennant Company announced the discontinuation of its Sentinel outdoor vacuum street sweeper and All-Terrain Outdoor Vacuum (ATLV) during its Q3 2019 Earnings Call on October 30th. This slimming of Tennant’s product lines follows a similar discontinuation from Q2 where it dropped the Green Machine sweepersRead More

Electrify Your Cleaning Program

Manufacturers have made substantial improvements to all models in recent years from diesel, propane, gasoline and especially electric sweepers and scrubbers. Cleaning equipment is a very specialized category and electric machines have definite advantages in the proper setting while considering other important application specific requirements to ensure an effective cleaning result. Safety, longevity, ease ofRead More

Why Having Wearable Parts On-Hand is an Absolute Must | Equipment Service

What exactly are “wearables?” Wearables on your machine include things like brooms, brushes, pads, squeegees, belts, filters, oil, casters, etc. Essentially, any part of the machine that contribute to the operation of your machine and tend to wear out over time. Hence the name! These parts wear down in an effort to protect the integrityRead More

What Does “Cleaning” Really Mean | Cleaning, Disinfecting, & Sanitizing

Cleaning vs. Disinfecting vs. Sanitizing At times, when some folks are looking for a cleaning product, terms like “cleaner,” “disinfectant,” and “sanitizer” are used interchangeably– which… well, can be problematic. To help clear up any potential confusion with these terms, we’re here to break things down when it comes to cleaning a surface and howRead More

Sweeper-Scrubber Styles

There are two basic types of cleaning machines which both fall under the definition of “Sweeper-Scrubber”, even though their cleaning methods are quite different. In spite of this difference, manufacturers and distributors of cleaning equipment have taken to grouping them under a single category. Both styles can sweep and scrub, but let’s take a look at what makes them different.

Planned Maintenance: A Routine Check-Up for Your Cleaning Equipment

You may very well be healthy as an ox, but the goal of these scheduled appointments isn’t always to check on a current ailment, but to get an overall examination to prevent any issues BEFORE they happen! Planned maintenance, sometimes called preventive maintenance, works the same way with your cleaning equipment!