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Vacuum Solutions for Food & Beverage Production

Control Contamination & Recovery Production Waste

Food & beverage production’s paramount safety and liability concern is food contamination, of any kind. Preventing any microbial and cross contamination is absolutely essential to avoid being exposed to paying the heavy economic sanctions that are not compliant with the rules of good manufacturing practice (GMP) or who fail to implement the HACCP protocol in their production processes. This is where our selection of highly effective and compliant Food & Beverage Power Cleaning Equipment comes in.

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The proper placement and use of a central, mobile, and/or fixed industrial-grade vacuum systems are some of the most effective methods of preventing contaminating factors that food may be exposed to otherwise. Removing any process materials or dust by strategically placing a vac system at the source can significantly reduce any possibility of it ever reaching or coming into contact with the product you’re trying to protect. The organic and potentially flammable aspects of raw materials that the food industry uses poses serious threat of explosion if they’re not properly handled, along with risk to the health and well being of the production workers.

Portable Industrial Vacuums

  • Cleaning production lines and machinery
  • Trim extractor to collect light, bulky, production scraps from packaging and other machinery
  • Safe & effective hot oven cleaning, even burn residues
  • Fixed suction units for direct extraction on production machinery

Central Vacuum Systems

  • To suction material from different areas of the same plant, even over long distances and simultaneously
  • Easy disposal and recovery of the material
  • Improve productivity and safety for workers

Pneumatic Conveyors

  • Guarantees safe working environments
  • To transport powders, solids or granular material within the production plant
  • Avoids product dispersion, alteration, demixing and risks of contamination

Dust Collectors

  • High airflow to extract airborne dust and light particles
  • Fixed or mobile application
  • Extraction arm and HEPA filter available

Vacuum System Accessories

  • FDA certified, color-coded accessories to identify separate zones and avoid cross-contamination
  • High spot cleaning with extensions
  • Antistatic accessories
  • Autoclavable accessories