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We’re Bortek

A passionate equipment company.

We’re a Family-Owned & Operated, industrial & heavy-duty equipment company. Bortek is a proud group of the best local people. Brimming with personality, we do what is possible to make your day. We get a real kick out of helping you work through problems and achieve the results you’re lookin’ for. We’re always happy to provide you with equipment, however-- we really have a passion doing things the right way. Cleaning & Municipal equipment have hundreds and thousands of options and build-outs that can be laser-focused towards a specific application. All that said, we set a little time aside to learn about the job you’re tackling to make sure you get the right equipment for your specific application by taking all the factors into consideration in order to set you up for success! You’ve got enough to deal with day in, and day out. Thanks a lot, work. We'll take care of the details. We follow a strict, "no headaches" rule here, folks.

Bortek Industries- We Know Clean- First in Power Cleaning Equipment

We hook up our customers with the type of things that the general populace have a blindspot for. Now, once you have a chance to teach one of them a little about what a floor scrubber or sweeper is, they'll start to see them everywhere and they can't believe they never noticed them before. Then they'll immediately think of a bunch of places they've been where the person who runs the joint desperately needs one of these things. Same goes for hydro excavators and sewer jet/vac trucks-- "how could I have possibly missed those?" Street sweepers are probably the most commonly-known equipment that we provide, thanks, in part, to the musical-parking-spots game that's played on street sweeping days in most densely-populated cities (or the woes that other cities, like our beloved Philly, suffer through), and on south down the coast with the sand and other debris that's kept at bay. It's what we do. This purpose-built equipment provides the people in these critical roles the tools they need to successfully fulfill their mission to keep the general populace unaware of how much work actually goes into making their lives easier.

Our History

Family Owned. Family Operated.

We were founded in 1967 as “Janitor Supply House” by Gerald Boarman. Our humble beginnings started in Harrisburg, PA as a simple paper product janitor supply company. That was short-lived as the original building and inventory were decimated by Hurricane Agnes in the 1972-- an unusual storm, the likes we wish to never see again. In 1980, Gerald obtained 100% ownership and searched the area for a more suitable location, ultimately deciding on relocating our corporate headquarters closeby in Mechanicsburg, PA.

Along with this fresh start, we rebranded as Bortek Industries, Inc. In 1984, we started our foray into the cleaning equipment business, which has since grown year over year. In 1990, Gerald retired and his three sons (Jeff, Dan, & Mike) purchased the business and continued his legacy. That included expanding Bortek's offerings at the time and really starting to actively grow the equipment side of things. Along with this growth, Bortek expanded its operation into Pittsburgh, PA in 1997. A little less than ten years later, Jeff had been able to obtain 100% ownership of the company and finally become able to truly deliver his vision of what he knew this company could become. His passion for this business and what it stands for is what has been woven into the very core of who we are. Under his leadership, and the team he has assembled, Bortek has become something you can be truly proud of being a part of. Strategic decisions are being made every day to ensure we continue to have the opportunity to help people find the solutions and results they need. We love what we do and we're here to help.

Jeff Boarman is a Great Man - Bortek Industries, Inc.

The sort of things we get into

Strap in folks -- when it comes to the equipment that we're all about, our focus is dedicated to industrial and municipal equipment. The Industrial-Grade Power Cleaning Equipment we provide include floor scrubbers & sweepers and industrial vacuums– from the likes of PowerBoss, Minuteman, Factory Cat, Kodiak, and Delfin. When it comes to the municipal side of things, what we refer to as PWX, we support you with street sweepers, sewer jet/vac trucks, hydro excavators, sewer cleaning & inspection systems, leaf and debris collectors, and specialty utility vehicles. Our PWX equipment sport the likes of Dulevo, Schwarze, Super Products, Harben, USB-USA, and VIR Proteus. Best part is, you’re already set up for success with this quality equipment. Pair that with our customer-first-mindset and you’re in for something truly special.

The depth of our equipment catalog is backed by the depth of our equipment parts, cleaning & janitorial supplies, and service & maintenance offerings. All to ensure your operation continues to run smoothly. We have a vast selection of manufacturer OEM & aftermarket parts for your consideration and we make it easy to order them through our online shopping portal, Bortek Shop. Our cleaning & janitorial supplies can also be purchased through there so you will have access to all of our floor & surface cleaning chemicals, hand soaps, paper products, PPE, and so much more. As for service, we have you covered on Bortek Shop too! We’ve created a Fleet Management Tool on there so you can easily and conveniently track your equipment over the course of their life and better manage your costs. When it comes to turn-key solutions, Bortek has you covered.

What it means to be a passionate equipment company:

Bortek is a very unique breed in this industry, simply by the level at which we operate and the drive we carry with us. We’re an extremely passionate Power Cleaning Equipment Company specializing in Floor & Surface Scrubbers & Sweepers, industrial vacuums, street sweepers, sewer jetters, sewer & pipeline jet/vac trucks, hydro excavator vac trucks, and sewer & pipeline inspection systems!

Along with these slick, purpose-built industrial & municipal machines come our top-tier levels of customer service, cleaning & janitorial supplies, equipment service & maintenance, and our parts support. We love doing what we do– helping people get the right solution to achieve the results they're lookin' for. Best part is, we have the opportunity to help both our customers AND our fellow employees. We take care of our people because, I mean, come on, we're family!

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