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Reliable, Extensive, and Expert Parts Support

You’re backed by our local parts experts! Reliable parts support you can count on is paramount to the long-running success of your power cleaning equipment. We work with all the major manufacturers to provide you with the parts you need, when you need them. We always encourage having a handful of wearable parts on hand, ensuring you’re able to continue operating your equipment with next to no down time! That’s what it’s all about — let us help keep your equipment running at peak performance!

We carry an extensive array of both aftermarket & OEM parts for your equipment. Whether you need a fresh set of brushes or brooms, acompletely new engine, sewer maintenance tools, or a simple little bolt, we’ve got you covered. We’ll take care of everything and get you the parts & accessories you need to keep your machine up and running with total peace of mind. We also make things easy for you to order your parts online 24/7 using our online portal, Bortek Shop. Be sure to sign up and/or sign in so you can enjoy the latest offers. Corporate accounts with Bortek also enjoys special pricing on many products. Everyone, however, has access to a brilliant selection of tools and products. We’re here to help! Order today!

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Consumable Parts that Directly Impact Performance

Wearable parts, also called consumables, are the parts that are designed to wear down over time on your machine so as to protect the more vital, often more expensive, components of the equipment being operated. These are things like brooms, brushes, squeegees, tires, belts, linkages, hoses, gaskets, filters, seats, batteries, fuses, accessories, oils, lubricants, etc. There’s a lot of clever engineering that goes into designing your machines to help save you money and headaches in the future by building them this way. It’s always very important to keep commonly replaced parts stocked so you can, quick, swap out a broom and keep on sweeping. You don’t need to have a parts storage area that looks like the ending of Raiders of the Lost Ark, just a replacement broom or brush, and maybe a few squeegees and filters. We’ve got you covered either way, just trying to set you up for success down the line!

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Equipment Parts that Keep You Going

Replacement parts are typically considered parts that aren’t necessarily designed to be replaced over time, even though they can be. Things like doors, steering wheels, bumpers, engines, motors, handles, switches, electrical components, headlights, tail lights, etc. Your machine will likely bash into a wall or other piece of equipment and damage one such component. Or maybe the oil was never changed and the engine seized up. Vacuum Motor could’ve fried due to a hose clogging and blocking air flow. No matter the reason, we’ve got you covered when it comes to your replacement parts! We work with all major manufacturers to provide you with a deep catalog of all OEM & Aftermarket parts for your equipment fleet, ensuring you maintain maximum uptime and peak productivity. We have parts experts here to dig into the details and pour over the parts manuals to make sure you’re taken care of. We are here to help you continue to get the job done.

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Quality Equipment, Quality Support

 Job Site Air & Hydro Excavator Vac Trucks- Available and On Sale Now- Bortek PWXBetween offering best-in-class scrubbers, sweepers, street sweepers, jetters, vac trucks, and other equally essential machines, Bortek has you covered. The process doesn’t end at the sale, however. We want to make sure you’re taken care of in the long term. That starts with providing you with all the support you need to make sure you protect your investment and keep your equipment running like new for as long as you’re operating it. We have curated flexible service programs, highly reliable parts support, extensive rental fleet, and convenient cleaning and facility supplies to best serve you and provide you with the best experience possible. You can also easily order said parts and supplies 24/7 through our online store! We’re here to help you get the job done, and done right!

Why order from Bortek?

  • We sell OEM & aftermarket parts for every major make and model of Floor Scrubber, Sweeper, Street Sweeper, Jet/Vac Combination Sewer Cleaner, Jetter, Hydro Excavator, and more.
  • Our parts inventory is stocked with the most common wearable parts for industrial, commercial, and municipal cleaning equipment, and we can also provide more unique parts for repairs as needed.
  • We sell both OEM and quality aftermarket parts.
  • We have over 50 years of cleaning industry experience! Our service technicians are factory-trained and specialize in scrubbers, sweepers, and street sweepers. We know these machines inside and out, and are happy to share our knowledge with you to get you exactly what you need. We also do repairs and maintenance.
  • Wearable & Replacement Parts for Sweepers, Scrubbers, Street Sweepers from:

  • PowerBoss
  • Tennant
  • Factory Cat
  • Schwarze
  • Global Environmental
  • Johnston Sweepers
  • Stewart-Amos
  • Nite-Hawk
  • and pretty much everything else!
  • Wearable & Replacement Parts for Hydro Excavators, Water Jetters, and Combination Jet/Vac Sewer Cleaner Vehicles from:

  • Aquatech
  • Hi-Vac
  • O’Brien
  • X-Vac
  • Vac-Con, Inc.
  • Vactor

  • Common Consumable Parts for Scrubbers and Sweepers

    For best cleaning performance, and to avoid damage to your machine, be sure to maintain and replace wearable parts as recommended by your machine’s manufacturer.
    We recommend keeping your own stock of the most common parts on hand, to minimize potential downtime. Consult your machine’s user manual to learn about how to best care for your scrubber or sweeper, and to identify part numbers.

    While there are hundreds of parts for various models of floor cleaners, the following are the most well-known and most likely to need attention:

    Shop Filters

    Engine Air Filters and Oil Filters

    For sweepers in particular, we highly recommend investing in a quality air filter, especially in dust-heavy facilities. Whether OEM or aftermarket, just make sure you get a good one. Filters are in place to prevent dirt that is collected from the ground to access the motor. Therefore, a blocked filter could affect airflow or eventually wear out, which could damage the motor of your cleaner. Filters can and should be cleaned after each use, and you should replace them when they become brittle or old. Check the packaging of your filters for more information — each filter has its own recommendations for usage. Some filters can be rinsed with water, and others are not replaceable.

    Scrubber Squeegee Blade Replacement

    Scrubber Squeegee Blades

    One of the most important floor scrubber parts is a squeegee blade. These rubber-like blades attach to the machine and are used to wipe liquid from flat, smooth surfaces. When used in combination with a pressure pump, squeegee blades release grime from the floor and wipe it away to create a clean, new surface. If your floor scrubbing machine is starting to leave lines of dirt or liquid behind after use, it could be a sign that a squeegee blade is beginning to wear down (or that it needs to be adjusted). If the squeegee has holes, tears, or cracks, or seems brittle, it should be replaced. New blades should be the same size as the blades being replaced. The user manual of your machine should describe the replacement process in detail.

    Sweeper Brooms & Scrubber Brushes

    Scrubber Brushes & Sweeper Brooms

    Your scrubber brushes and sweeper brooms do a lot of the hard, physical work of cleaning, which means that they also tend to wear out over time. You can get more life out of your sweeper broom by periodically rotating and adjusting it, but eventually you’ll need a replacement. Not sure what you need? Check out this handy guide to drill down into what will work best for you!

    Trojan Batteries

    Machine Batteries

    When it comes to your equipment, powering your machine should be easy, effective, and efficient. That’s where we come in. We provide you with a dependable source for your equipment’s power needs. Everything from the batteries & accompanying chargers, on down to the cables, terminals and maintenance items– your machine will always have the power it needs to provide you with maximum uptime. We work to ensure you get the quality products you deserve so powering your machine doesn’t have to even be a concern. As such, we care the best brands you know– such as Trojan Battery, Ultra Power, Interstate, Fullriver, Flow-Rite, and more!

    Try the Battery Finder to identify the battery your machine needs.

    Scrubber Sweeper Replacement Belts, Chains Parts

    Equipment Belts and Chains

    When vacuums, floor scrubbers, extractors and other pieces of cleaning equipment operate, they generate heat. The heat from regular use causes rubber belts inside of the machines – belts that allow for smooth operations – to stretch and slip. Because these belts are responsible for spinning brushes and other cleaning mechanisms, a machine with an old belt won’t function as effectively as one with belts that are changed regularly. Belts are critical and should be checked regularly. You can replace them every 6 months to one year, depending on use.

    Scrubber Sweeper Replacement Hose Parts

    Scrubber and Sweeper Accessories

    Attachments and accessories can get lost or damaged due to their external or detachable nature. When any of the variety of parts tailored for your specific cleaning application wear out or go missing, let us help you find a replacement.


    Contact us today! We’re ready to answer your questions, and we’re happy to assist in the maintenance, parts, and buying processes.