About PowerBoss Thermal Green Technology

Cleaning and hot water go hand-in-hand. Now Powerboss Nautilus sweeper/scrubbers offer the natural power of hot water in the simple, sensible, and energy-efficient method known as Thermal Green Technology.

How does it work?

Thermal Green Technology makes use of the heat already being generated by running the engine’s catalytic converter. The cleaning solution is run by these hot parts of the Nautilus and warmed to temperatures averaging around 120°F and up to 190°F, before being dispensed along the scrub path. The power of heat means that you can clean more with less chemical and, in some cases, hot water alone may even be sufficient for a complete scrubbing.


  • The streamlined design means that this technology requires practically no maintenance.
  • Topping competitors’ systems, TGT doesn’t require a potentially floor-harming vinegar flush and won’t be negatively affected if soap enters the system.
  • Energy and cost efficient. You already have the heat; put it to use!
  • Hot water cleans better!
  • The Science of Hot Water Cleaning

    People have been using hot water to clean for ages… but why? Boiling drinking water kills bacteria and parasites, but how does hot water help with cleaning soil from surfaces?

    It’s no meaningless tradition or placebo; hot water really does clean better. In order to get gunk off the floor, the gunk has to get off the floor. In other words, something needs to coerce that filth to stop sticking to itself and the solid surface, and instead detach and be collected. Hot water helps accomplish that goal on an atomic level. In the cases we’re interested in, atoms require energy to break free from each other and attach to something else. Lucky for us, heat is energy, and it makes the atoms all wiggly and easier to separate. When that hot cleaning solution hits the floor, all those dirt molecules get hyped up and ditch each other for the snug embrace of water and detergent.

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    Consider common cooking ingredients for an idea of how viscosity and heat affects fluids. (Image by Ioana)

    On top of that, fluids become less viscous as they heat up. That means that the surface tension of hot water is weaker, and so it’s easier to mix the water in with the soil, and then pick it up and wash it away. Your heated cleaning solution is therefore “thinner” and able to get into more places, easier. The increase in temperature that water receives from Thermal Green Technology is enough to make it at least half as viscous as it would be at room temperature.

    Between the physical power of the Nautilus’s scrub brush and the strength of heat-boosted chemistry, that oily dirt won’t stand a chance.

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    PowerBoss Nautilus with Thermal Green Technology