Advance 7765 Large Floor Scrubber

Cleaning warehouse floors can be an overwhelming task unless you use the Advance 7765. This large floor scrubber sweeps and scrubs at the same time, allowing for peak cleaning efficiency and productivity. The machine’s 54-inch scrub path limits the need to make multiple passes, and the 100 gallon stainless steel solution and recovery tanks and 16 cubic feet debris hopper allow operators to stay on the floor for longer periods of time. The 600 pounds of pressure applied by the powerful downward scrub brush ensures that no stain will be left untreated on your warehouse floors.

Lesser industrial scrubbers leave a wet floor in their wake, posing a potentially serious safety hazard. This is not the case with the Advance 7765. The patented Accu-Track squeegee system dries as it cleans, even when making the tightest of turns. In addition, the machine’s 90/90 power steering system makes maneuvering the machine effortless and offers a turning radius of 82 inches, whether you are turning left or right. The 16-inch diameter front and rear tires and fully adjustable deluxe seat add to the machine’s ease of operation.

A host of other standard equipment and features come with the Advance 7765. The no-tool brush and broom removal simplifies maintenance and the high recovery and low solution indicator lights inform the operator when it’s time to refill or dump fluids. The convenient tilt-out recovery tank allows for quick and easy clean up, as well as minimizes operator down time. The easily accessible electrical, engine and hydraulic components simplify the machine’s maintenance process.