Advance 7765 Large Floor Scrubber

If your facility contains large areas of hardwood floors, you need the Advance 7765 large floor scrubber. This highly effective cleaning machine sweeps and scrubs with one pass, eliminating the need for “double duty.” The 54-inch extra-wide scrub path also reduces the need for multiple passes, improving the productivity of your maintenance team. The 100-gallon stainless steel solution and recovery tanks help make those big cleaning jobs much more manageable. The dust-free sweeping process provides the cleanest possible sweeping experience.

The Advance 7765 provides maximum cleaning power for even the most heavily soiled hardwood floors. The downward scrub brush provides 600 pounds of cleaning pressure, powerful enough to clean virtually anything in its path. The patented Accu-Track squeegee system allows the machine to dry as it cleans even after tight turns, eliminating the worry of wet floors.

Not only is the 7765 the most powerful sweeper/scrubber in its class, it also offers smooth and easy operation. Features like 90/90 power steering, 82-inch turning radius and extra-large 16-inch diameter front and rear tires make the machine highly maneuverable, so it is effective even in cluttered work areas. The fully adjustable deluxe seat and ergonomically designed operator’s compartment make for a smooth ride. Maintenance is also a breeze, with features like no-tool brush and broom removal and the easily accessible engine, electrical and hydraulic components. The convenient tip-out recovery tank makes for easy cleanup after the job is done. The machine’s heavy steel gauge construction means the 7765 is one sweeper/scrubber that’s built to last.