Advance Condor XL Large Floor Scrubber

The Advance Condor XL takes the hassle out of cleaning even the grimiest factory floors by allowing the operator to sweep and scrub with a single pass. The highlight of this powerful cleaning machine is its versatility, as it offers four different cleaning systems, which allow you to customize it to your needs. The removable brushes, blades and squeegee add to the machine’s ease of customization. You’ll be able to choose sweeping paths up to 67 inches in width, and the machine’s high degree of maneuverability makes even the most obstacle-filled factory floors easy to navigate. The 100-gallon solution tank can clean factory floors as large as 100,000 square feet, eliminating the need for frequent refills.

A Condor XL feature that is standard on all side broom models is DustGuard, a system that suppresses and controls dust by using “fog” at the side broom, allowing for clean operation. The UltraFlow Rear Squeegee system’s patented design facilitates the water pickup process, so factory floors are dry immediately. The squeegee blades wipe the floor before the machine’s wheels, so there’s no streaking. The user-friendly One-Touch system activation feature gives the operator ultimate control over the cleaning process.

The Condor XL is simple to operate, minimizing the machine’s training curve. Features like the quick-release Blade Replacement, MaxAccess single cover, easily removable oversize Debris Hopper and tools-free removable brushes make maintaining the machine easy. A wide range of optional accessories like a Dual Vacuum Motor, the CoolTool Spray and Scrub Wand, and a variety of extra safety equipment allow for additional customization.