The Advance Condor XL Rider Scrubber

For maximum large concrete floor-cleaning efficiency, the Advance Condor XL is a concrete floor scrubbers offering four different cleaning systems. Sweeping paths of up to 67 inches are available for extra-wide spaces. The deck’s dual counter-rotating cylindrical brushes allow you to sweep and scrub with a single pass, and the One-Touch operation lets you activate the entire scrub system with a just a single touch of a button.

The Advance Condor XL’s numerous standard features and equipment include a 100-gallon solution tank that is capable of cleaning areas up to 100,000 square feet with a single tankful. The oversized, easily removable debris hopper and quick-release blade replacement allow for easy service, as does the MaxAccess single cover access feature, which makes it easy to get to vital machine components.

Among the many features and benefits offered by the Advance Condor XL are the intuitive operator controls that simplify operator training. The large squeegee and side brooms mounted on cylindrical models mean maximum productivity and versatility. The UltraFlow squeegee system allows for nearly 100 percent recovery of dirty water on turns, all but eliminating the need for a second sweep. The machine is quiet to operate, and minimal emissions means odor-free use.

A host of optional accessories are available for your Advance Condor XL, including safety features like a headlight, seatbelt, operator foot guard, warning beacon and back-up alarm. The CoolTool Spray and Scrub Wand provide additional cleaning capability, as does the AXP Detergent Dispensing System. The Heavy-duty Steel Front Bumper offers your machine extra protection against collision.