Searching for a Floor Scrubber in Wilmington, DE?

For over 40 years, Bortek Industries has been delivering quality floor scrubbers to Wilmington, DE customers, as well as those across the US. We offer scrubbers from today’s leading manufacturers, such as Power Boss and FactoryCat. Our scrubbers are engineered to be easy to operate, simple to maintain, and provide years of cleaning service. By running efficiently and using the least possible resources, our floor scrubbers increase productivity and lower costs. No matter what type of business you have, Bortek Industries has the floor scrubbers Delaware businesses need to keep their floors and carpets clean. Our knowledgeable sales staff offers free equipment demonstrations at your place of business, so you can witness our floor scrubbers in action. Contact us today; we would be happy to help you find the right floor scrubber for your location.

The Best Floor Scrubbers for Wilmington, DE Businesses

Floor scrubbers take clean to the next level. In one single pass, a floor scrubber dispenses a cleaning or stripping solution, scrubs the solution in the floor, then vacuums the dirty water, spills and stains that have become embedded into floors, enabling you to have a powerful clean in a short amount of time. Whether you need a portable walk-behind model or an industrial-strength ride-on scrubber, Bortek Industries has the perfect floor scrubber for your business. We offer many makes and models to perfectly suit your intended use. Plus, we deliver outstanding customer service and machine maintenance, proven by our many satisfied customers.

For quality and service you can depend on, add one of Bortek Industries’s floor scrubbers to your Wilmington, DE business today.

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