Looking for a Quality Floor Scrubber on Long Island?

Bortek Industries offers a complete line of quality floor scrubbers from small, portable models to industrial ride-on models. From the most requested manufacturers in the business, our Advance, Clarke and Kent cleaning machines are built to deliver hours of comfortable cleaning, regardless of the size of the machine. These powerful machines work far more efficiently than hand sweeping and mopping. They remove the dirt, spills and stains from floors and carpets quickly and effectively. Floors are left clean and dry enough for immediate traffic. Get rid of the vacuum and mop, Long Island; floor scrubbers are the ultimate cleaning solution.

Finding the Ideal Long Island Floor Scrubber

Bortek Industries has the ideal floor scrubber for your Long Island business, whether you need to clean the hallways of a high-rise or the floors of a distribution warehouse. We offer machines to fit virtually any size and type of business. For smaller establishments with tighter spaces, we carry walk-behind models that maneuver easily and clean quickly. For industrial cleaning, compact and mid-sized models increase cleaning speeds with their larger hoppers, recovery/solution tanks and wider sweep paths, allowing you to cover more area in less time. These floor scrubbers help businesses achieve high cleaning productivity and faster return on investment.

For the toughest environments, our large industrial ride-on floor scrubbers are built to maintain your facility inside and out. These high performance machines, such as the FactoryCat GTR, are heavily constructed to demolish even the toughest grime in one single pass. All of our rider floor scrubbers deliver a comfortable ride for the operator. We are happy to visit your workplace to demonstrate how our machines work in your space, showing you how effortless these machines are to use. Bortek Industries can also help you maintain your machine after purchase to optimize performance and reduce downtime. Contact our sales team today to find the ideal floor scrubber for your Long Island business.

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