Choosing a Floor Scrubber for Your Queens Businesses

Bortek Industries carries a complete line of floor scrubbers for Queens businesses from the top manufacturers on the market today. When choosing the ideal Queens floor scrubber, consider the square footage of the area, as well as the tightest space that you need to clean. If you want to clean the narrow hallways of a small building, then a walk-behind floor scrubber that is compact and maneuverable will work well. If the building is a high-rise with 50 floors, then a compact ride-on floor scrubber may result in better efficiency and higher operator comfort. Larger areas, such as warehouses, distribution centers and factories would benefit from a large ride-on scrubber. The larger hopper size, sweep paths, and recovery/solution tank sizes will enable the machine to clean more square feet per hour and increase run times, thereby increasing its cleaning efficiency.

What Types of Features are Important for Queens Floor Scrubbers

Floor scrubbers that feature a multi-level, high-dump hopper are effortless to empty, which is far more important when covering larger areas than smaller ones. Some machines may have a higher price tag yet offer a more economical use of chemicals and water, which means you will save more money over the entire time of ownership. Some floor scrubbers run far quieter than others, allowing you to use them during working hours without having to worry about noise pollution.

Most floor scrubbers perform multiple operations to save you the time and money of performing multiple tasks, such as dry vacuuming, aggressively wet scrubbing and drying the floor in one pass. Our experienced sales team can explain all the benefits, including the standard and optional equipment, for each of our floor scrubbers. Queens businesses can even request an on-site demonstration of any of our cleaning machines. Contact Bortek Industries today for more information.

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