Looking for a Floor Scrubber in Dover, DE?

When you are searching for cleaning equipment, look no further than Bortek Industries. For over 40 years, we have been providing high quality cleaning equipment and floor scrubbers to Dover, DE businesses, as well as those across the Northeast. Whether you are looking for a portable walk-behind model or an industrial-strength, ride-on scrubber, Bortek Industries carries the makes and models of choice in the cleaning industry. Allow our knowledgeable sales team to help you select the best floor scrubber for your Dover, DE business. Ergonomically designed, our scrubbers are safe, easy to operate, productive, and powerful. Contact Bortek Industries to watch our floor scrubbers in action by requesting a free demonstration at your Dover, DE business.

Floor Scrubbers for Dover, DE Companies

Floor scrubbers are powerful cleaning machines that are far more effective than vacuuming alone, because they can clean, scrub, and polish as well as vacuum. In only one single pass, a floor scrubber dispenses a cleaning or stripping solution, scrubs the solution into the floor, and then vacuums the dirty water, spills, and stains that have become embedded into floors. After using a floor scrubber, you’re left with an unmatched level of cleanliness. Clean up the floors in your business with a powerful scrubber from Bortek Industries today.

Cleaning Products for Dover, DE Floor Scrubbers

Bortek Industries offers a full line of detergents that can help boost your floor scrubber’s cleaning performance and help reduce your cleaning costs. Other chemical and paper supplies are also available to order online through Bortek Shop!

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