Floor Scrubbers Offer Baltimore, MD Companies The Ultimate Clean

Vacuum cleaners can’t compare with results from floor scrubbers. In a single pass, a floor scrubber dispenses a cleaning or stripping solution, scrubs the solution in the floor, and then vacuums the dirty water, spills, and stains that were embedded into surfaces. By accomplishing all these functions in one step, scrubbers perform faster than any person can. That means the job gets done quicker, offering a faster Return On Investment. (Estimate your ROI here!) Plus, our floor scrubbers are easy to operate and maintain. Witness these ultimate cleaning machines in action; contact Bortek Industries to schedule a floor scrubber demonstration at your Baltimore, MD location today.

Quality Floor Scrubbers for Baltimore, MD Businesses

Bortek Industries has a floor scrubber that can fit your budget and cleaning needs. We carry walk-behind, compact ride-on, mid-sized ride-onm and large ride-on floor scrubbers from top manufacturers including PowerBoss and Factory Cat. For smaller businesses where maneuverability is a factor, we offer portable, walk-behind models. For larger businesses, we offer a full line of ride-on and auto walk-behind scrubbers that are built for hours of daily use in the dirtiest environments. Increase your productivity and lower your cleaning costs. Add a Bortek Industries floor scrubber to your Baltimore, MD business today.

Bortek Industries also provides preventative maintenance for floor scrubbers in Baltimore, MD. By maintaining your machine, you can optimize cleaning performance and reduce downtime. Don’t forget to ask our expert technicians if we can help reduce your current cleaning costs with our line of advanced detergents.

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