Quality Floor Scrubbers for New York City Businesses

For over 30 years, Bortek Industries has been supplying high-quality and efficient floor scrubbers to companies throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Built from the best materials, our scrubbers will provide many years of cleaning service. You’ll find our floor scrubbers in New York City diligently working to deep clean the dirtiest commercial and industrial floor surfaces.

Bortek Industries offers scrubbers from today’s leading manufacturers including FactoryCat and Power Boss. Our floor scrubbers are safe, easy to operate, productive, and easy to maintain while using the least possible resources.

Need a Floor Scrubber in New York City?

Looking for a better way to clean your floors? Add an automatic floor scrubber to your cleaning team.

Scrubbers perform in two capacities, first they vacuum dry, loose dirt from the floor, then they combine a wet cleaning solution with brushes to agitate and lift dirt, spills, and stains that have been embedded into floors. For the ideal solution to your floor cleaning needs, contact us about a powerful floor scrubber.

Floor Scrubber for Companies of All Sizes

For larger businesses we offer a full line of ride-on and auto walk-behind scrubbers that are built for hours of daily use in the harshest environments. For smaller businesses and tight spaces, we have floor scrubbers that are portable, walk-behind models. Our floor scrubbers range in size to accommodate your needs, so add a Bortek Industries floor scrubber to your New York City business today.

Not sure which one to choose? Our knowledgeable sales team can ensure that you have the best floor scrubber for specific situation. Bortek Industries gives you unmatched customer service through their excellent sales and service. Contact us today; we would be happy to demonstrate a floor scrubber for your operation.

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