Floor Scrubbers for Patterson, NJ Companies

Inefficient cleaning equipment can waste your company’s money, as well as require the use of harsh chemicals. Now is the time to upgrade to a better solution with a quality floor scrubber for your Patterson, NJ company. New floor scrubber models can clean large areas fast, minimizing cleaning times. To protect the environment, energy-efficient models lower water and detergent usages, and some can even clean on water alone, saving you money. With wide sweep paths and consistent water pressure, even our most compact walk-behind floor scrubbers boast the power to make the toughest jobs finish fast. Our floor scrubbers are quieter than ever, giving you the ability to clean at any time during the day without disturbing coworkers. Plus, scrubbers offer the operator better visibility, ease of use and comfort during operation. For a quality machine from a name you can trust, call Bortek Industries™ today to buy a floor scrubber for your Patterson, NJ company.

Numerous Floor Scrubbers for Patterson, NJ

To suit your cleaning needs, Bortek Industries offers walk-behind, compact ride-on, midsize ride-on and industrial ride-on scrubbers that run on a variety of power sources, including battery, electric and gas. Our Clark, Kent, Fang and Advance machines offer your business unsurpassed cleaning abilities. Our knowledgeable sales team would be happy to demonstrate any of our floor scrubbers in your Patterson, NJ company.

Used Floor Scrubbers for Patterson, NJ

Browse our extensive inventory of pre-owned floor scrubbers. Our expert team of technicians have reconditioned or completely overhauled every one of our pre-owned scrubbers. Patterson, NJ businesses can save money by purchasing used models without sacrificing reliability. In fact, each machine represents the quality and performance that our customers have come to expect from Bortek Industries. Be sure to check our pre-owned equipment page often for new additions, as our inventory is constantly changing.

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