Quality Floor Scrubbers for Bronx Businesses

If you are looking for the best way to keep Bronx businesses clean, you need a Bortek Industries floor scrubber. Bronx businesses can purchase a quality cleaning machine from a team that has been in the industrial cleaning industry for over 40 years. Bortek Industries carries the top brands of floor scrubbers. These manufactures design the cleaning machines that are the most sought-out in the industry and can be found in countless companies across the country.

A Bronx Floor Scrubber for Any Application

Whether you need to clean the Yankee Stadium, the Bronx Zoo, or a small area business, an automatic floor scrubber can greatly decrease your cleaning time. To fit any size business, Bortek Industries carries portable walk-behind models, compact ride-on, mid-sized ride-on, and industrial-strength ride-on floor scrubbers. Your business can find the ideal cleaning solution for your budget and application needs at Bortek Industries. Our experienced sales team can explain all the benefits, including the standard and optional equipment for each of our floor scrubbers. We can even visit your workplace to demonstrate our cleaning machines in action. Throughout the entire buying process and time of ownership, Bortek Industries is here to help with expert advice, support and service.

Powerful Bronx Floor Scrubbers

A floor scrubber delivers a far better clean than a vacuum cleaner and mop. In a single pass, a scrubber dry vacuums the floor, dispenses a cleaning solution, aggressively scrubs the floor and vacuums the dirty water, stains, and spills that have become embedded in the carpets and bare floors. This powerful clean is done in a highly efficient manner, leaving floors dry and ready for immediate traffic. Get rid of the mops and vacuums, New York; a floor scrubber from Bortek Industries is all you will ever need.

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