Looking for a quality floor scrubber in Atlantic City?

When it comes to keeping your business’s carpets and floors spotless, not all cleaning machines are equal. Traditional vacuums only provide a surface cleaning that doesn’t penetrate to remove entrenched dirt and grime found in commercial carpets and floors. We offer a full-line of models, so you will find your ideal floor scrubber for Atlantic City.

Floor scrubbers by Bortek Industries are more effective than traditional vacuuming alone because of their two-step process. Our floor scrubbers use powerful suction to remove loose dirt and debris. Then, a high-performance cleaning solution is applied to work with brushes to treat stubborn stains and marks left on carpets and bare floors. The dual-action process is more effective than vacuuming alone. Schedule a demonstration and see the difference.

Quality scrubbers for Atlantic City businesses

With more than 40 years in the business, Bortek Industries is a name you can trust. Our expansive line of floor scrubbers include the best in the industry, such as Power Boss and FactoryCat, all makers of time-tested floor scrubbers that clean the grittiest industrial and commercial floors in Atlantic City.

Scrubbers for Atlantic City businesses of all sizes

Whether you employ 5 or 500, Bortek Industries has the floor scrubber to meet your needs. Atlantic City businesses with sizeable areas to clean can choose from several large, ride-on and auto walk-behind models. Manual, walk-behind floor scrubbers are available for smaller businesses. If you’re not sure which floor scrubber is right for your Atlantic City business, then let our friendly, professional customer service team help determine which Bortek Industries floor scrubber will best fit the needs of your business, while staying within a price you can afford. Give Bortek Industries a call today!

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