Fast, Efficient Floor Scrubbers for Connecticut Businesses

Ineffective cleaning equipment can waste your company’s time and money. Vacuuming and hand mopping any area can be arduous and slow. Now is the time to revolutionize your cleaning regimen with a quality floor scrubber for your Connecticut business. Floor scrubbers deliver a faster, deeper and more effective clean than vacuums or mops. Floor scrubbers first dry vacuum to remove loose dirt and trash, then they use a combination of wet cleaning solution and brushes to agitate and lift dirt, spills, and stains. Finally, the wet solution is removed, leaving the floors immediately ready for foot traffic. Get the ultimate in clean; order a Bortek Industries floor scrubber for your Connecticut business today.

Choosing Floor Scrubbers For your Connecticut Company

To accommodate virtually any business, Bortek Industries offers walk-behind, compact ride-on, midsized ride-on, and industrial ride-on floor scrubbers. Connecticut workers will appreciate our easy-to-operate cleaning machines that are ergonomically designed for their comfort. From top manufacturers like FactoryCat and Power Boss, our floor scrubbers boast the power to clean any job quickly and efficiently. Some advanced energy-efficient models utilize less water and detergent, which saves you more money over the life of the machine. Contact Bortek Industries to request an on-site demonstration of a floor scrubber in your Connecticut location.

Service and Cleaning Products for Connecticut Floor Scrubbers

Bortek Industries offers an effective line of industrial cleaning products as well. These cleaners cut through tough grease, oil and grime, allowing Connecticut floor scrubbers to clean stains with one pass and run at peak performance. Other chemical and paper supplies are also available to order through Bortek Shop! Contact Bortek Industries today for all your Connecticut floor scrubber needs.

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