Floor Scrubbers for Hagerstown, MD Companies

When you need a powerful cleaning machine, rely on a Bortek Industries. Floor scrubbers offer a deeper and more effective clean than vacuum cleaners. Not only does a scrubber vacuum dry, loose dirt, it also utilizes a wet cleaning solution in combination with brushes to agitate and lift dirt, spills, and stains that have become embedded into floors. You’ll find our floor scrubbers in Hagerstown, MD, and many other cities, effortlessly keeping floors and carpets clean.

A Variety of Floor Scrubbers for Hagerstown, MD Businesses

To suit your budget and size requirements, Bortek Industries carries many types of floor scrubbers, including walk-behind, compact ride-on, mid-sized ride-on, and industrial-strength ride-on models. Not sure which model suits you? Our knowledgeable sales team would be happy to help you select the perfect floor scrubber for your Hagerstown, MD business. We carry scrubbers from today’s leading manufacturers including Power Boss and FactoryCat. Our scrubbers are safe, easy to operate, productive, and boast the power to make the toughest jobs finish fast. Contact Bortek Industries to watch our floor scrubbers in action by requesting a free demonstration.

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