Looking for quality scrubbers in Delaware?

Are you tired of seeing stains on your carpet and floors? If you want a thorough clean that goes beyond the performance of traditional vacuums.

We offer a complete line of high-quality floor scrubbers that use a two-step process to make floors look new. Bortek Industries offers powerful scrubbers that first remove any dry, loose dirt from floors before using a high-performance cleaning solution to penetrate tough stains. The machine’s brushes work with the solution to scour and lift stubborn dirt and stains. The dual-action process works noticeably better than what vacuuming alone can do. Don’t hesitate, contact Bortek Industries and talk to a sales professional to schedule a demonstration.

A quality floor scrubber for Delaware businesses

Bortek Industries has been a leader in carpet and floor cleaning for more than 40 years. Bortek Industries offers Delaware businesses a wide range of quality scrubbers from leading manufacturers, including FactoryCat and Power Boss. Not only are Bortek’s scrubbers effective, but also safe and easy to operate and maintain. Buy the floor scrubber that Delaware businesses have relied on for years to clean industrial and commercial floors.

Scrubbers for Delaware businesses of all sizes

Bortek Industries’s complete inventory of products can accommodate small and large businesses in Delaware. From large, ride-on and auto walk-behind models to manual, walk-behind scrubbers, Bortek Industries has a large selection of scrubbers to choose from at prices that fit your budget. Let our friendly, professional customer service team help determine which Bortek Industries scrubber is best for your Delaware business. Bortek Industries’ sales and service staff is educated, courteous and ready to help. Give us a call today!

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