Manhattan Floor Scrubbers – Quick, Efficient Cleaning

Looking for a way to increase your cleaning efficiency? Bortek Industries has the floor scrubbers Manhattan area businesses need in order to conquer the magnitude of dirt and grime. With so many tourists, business people and residents in such a small area, a Manhattan floor scrubber must be able to tackle the high volume of daily work. Every high-rise, business and warehouse has millions of square feet that need cleaning, and a Bortek Industries floor scrubber is the machine for the job.

Bortek Industries carries a line of floor scrubbers from the best manufacturers in the industry, such as PowerBoss and Factory Cat. With wide sweep paths, our cleaning machines can reach speeds up to 22,000 square feet per hour. The large solution/recovery tanks and hopper mean you can spend more time cleaning and less time visiting the dumpsite. Regardless of the surface type, a Bortek Industries Manhattan floor scrubber can deliver a deep-down clean to remove the dirt, spills and stains left behind by the daily traffic. Contact us today; we would be happy to provide you with an on-site demonstration of how any of our machines work.

A Floor Scrubber Manhattan Businesses Need

Vacuuming and mopping is no longer efficient or feasible with the millions of square feet in need of cleaning. An automatic floor scrubber gets the job done better and more efficiently. In one pass and on any surface type, our floor scrubbers dry sweep the floor, aggressively wet scrub, and then dry the floor for immediate foot traffic. Safe and easy to operate, new models are highly efficient, utilizing small amounts of water and chemicals. Whether you are looking for a small, maneuverable walk-behind model or a large industrial ride-on, we have the ideal solution for your cleaning needs; order a Bortek Industries floor scrubber for your Manhattan business today.

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