Add an Automated Street Sweeper to your Mid-Atlantic Company

Don’t trust just any sweeper for your Mid-Atlantic business. We offer affordable pricing on walk behind, compact, midsize and large industrial ride on sweepers. We also offer parking lot and street sweepers perfect for Mid-Atlantic businesses. High production sweeping and dust control answers the demand and gives your business the solution it needs for modern-day city sweeping.

Our road sweepers are light and compact for easy transportation from job to job on small trailers. With their compact frame and tight turning radius, maneuverability is a cinch. Versatility is necessary in today’s busy streets. Our diesel powered Starfire and Wayne models are well built and designed for tough daily use. Our wide selection will ensure that you find your ideal street sweeper for your Mid-Atlantic company.

Nite-Hawk Street Sweeper for Mid-Atlantic Streets

Our Night-Hawk parking lot sweepers can increase performance without sacrificing fuel efficiency. These hydraulic, diesel-powered sweepers offer many standard features such as an 86-inch sweeping path, no clog screen, and air conditioning. Custom features include Vertical Digger Curb Broom, MistJet Dust Suppression System, and Low-Pro Escort Light Bar. Standing only 6’4″ high this versatile sweeper works well even in height restricted areas. Keep your streets clean of dirt and grime with this powerful street sweeper for Mid-Atlantic streets.

The Best Self-propelled, Walk-behind Sweepers for Mid-Atlantic Businesses

Our Advance Terra walk-behind is perfect for businesses that need small floor sweepers in Mid-Atlantic. It boasts a 28” sweep path and has a special side broom to eliminate the need for edge cleaning. Battery life can provide service of up to 3 1/2 hours. The on-board battery charger allows the operator the flexibility charge the sweeper in any location.

Noise levels in small areas can sometimes be an issue, but not with the Advance Terra. The Terra is rated at just 59 decibels making it one of the quietest sweepers on the market. Compact and easy to maneuver; sweeping time is minimized because the sweeper can move from one floor type to another without having to change the type of broom or brush sizes. The Advance Terra sweeper offers Mid-Atlantic businesses excellent quality and flexibility.

Powerful Sweepers from a Mid-Atlantic Company that Cares

Contact us today for an on-site demo or request a brochure. Bortek Industries™ is here to make your business a success. We pride ourselves on a high performance sweepers and great customer service. For the best floor or street sweeper for your Mid-Atlantic company, call Bortek Industries today.

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