Connecticut Sweepers with Remarkable Features

Connecticut sweepers can be found cleaning streets, museums, businesses, hospitals, warehouses, parking lots and countless other surfaces that are littered with trash, dirt and debris. Bortek Industries™ carries a complete line of sweepers for Connecticut customers, from indoor sweepers to high-capacity street sweepers from manufacturers Advance, Nite-hawk, Clark and Stewart-Amos. The leading choice among many businesses, our sweepers are packed with amenities, safety measures and many optional features.

On our street sweepers, multiple lighting options and optional reverse cameras ensure optimal visibility for the operator, so any obstacles that may cross its path are easily seen. Our walk-behind sweepers are nimble yet powerful. Some machines clean more quietly to allow sweeping in stricter environments. Air conditioning, tool compartments, dust suppression, ease of maintenance and curb brooms are just a few of the noteworthy features found in our machines. Some of our Connecticut floor scrubbers even boast interchangeable disc and cylindrical scrub decks for maximum versatility in one machine. Compact ride-on models fit through standard doorways to allow you to easily travel anyplace and clean virtually anywhere. Mid-sized ride-on models, such as the Advance SW8000, deliver excellent productivity while suppressing dust. With so many advantages and machines to choose from, you will definitely want to add a Bortek Industries street sweeper to your Connecticut fleet.

Quality Sweepers for Connecticut Streets and Businesses

For over 40 years, Bortek Industries has been specialized in providing cleaning solutions for our customers. Based on your budget and application needs, our experienced sales team can help you find the ideal sweeper for your Connecticut business. Contact us for more information about any of our sweepers, including optional equipment that can speed up the cleaning process. To witness our machines in action, we invite you to request an on-site demonstration of any of our sweepers at your Connecticut location.

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