Looking for Quality Sweepers in Dover, DE?

For over 40 years, Bortek Industries™ has been the recommended supplier of quality cleaning machines. Our line of indoor and outdoor sweepers includes those made by Advance, Clarke, Nite-hawk, and Stewart-Amos, the top-rated manufacturers in the cleaning industry. These sweepers are relied upon by many businesses to increase productivity for their cleaning crews. No matter what the application, our machines deliver unmatched performance and efficiency. Speed up the time it takes to clean; add a quality sweeper to your Dover, DE company.

Outdoor Sweepers for Dover, DE Streets

Bortek Industries also carries a line of outdoor sweepers that can clean the dirtiest streets, parking lots and parking garages in the harshest conditions. From glass to sand to gravel, our street sweepers are Dover, DE customers’ ideal solution to all their cleaning needs. Our expert staff would be happy to help you choose the best sweeper for your Dover, DE business. Want to witness our sweepers in action? We offer free on-site plant demonstrations of any model.

Indoor Sweepers for Dover, DE Floors

To accommodate a wide variety of businesses, we offer walk-behind, compact ride-on, mid-sized ride-on, large ride-on, and outdoor ride-on sweepers. Our indoor sweepers can be found cleaning the floors and carpets of factories, businesses, schools, hospitals, offices, warehouses and more. Choose the ideal sweeper for your Dover, DE business based on the area that you need to clean, as well as the features you desire. Sweepers are 2.5 times more productive than a vacuum, which increases the productivity of your cleaning force. Plus, new models are more efficient and quieter than ever before. Contact Bortek Industries today to add a quality sweeper to your Dover, DE company.

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