Street Sweepers in Patterson, NJ Improve Quality of Life

Are your streets a mess? Using a Bortek Industries street sweeper on Patterson, NJ roads, highways, and parking garages can be the answer to your problems with dirt and so much more. Street sweepers improve the aesthetics of roadways, control dust, and decrease the accumulation of pollutants, such as sediment, debris, trash, road salt, sand and trace metals. This reduces the amount of pollutants entering and contaminating receiving waters. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency considers street sweeping a Best Management Practice in protecting water quality. Clean streets while helping the environment; add a street sweeper to your Patterson, NJ fleet.

Ready to Add a Street Sweeper to Your New Jersey Business?

Bortek’s line of street sweepers offers Patterson customers the best quality cleaning machines in the business. From top manufacturers Global, Stewart-Amos, and Dulevo, our sweepers can handle any challenge, including sand, gravel, glass, and inclement weather. At the size of a golf cart, our small ride-on sweepers are ideal for tight spaces, offering a high degree of maneuverability without sacrificing performance. Or, at the size of a truck, our large industrial models deliver innovative features that allow you to increase productivity and ensure excellent fuel efficiency. Built to endure inclement weather conditions, our sweepers offer Patterson, NJ businesses the ability to tackle the toughest jobs in the roughest conditions. Contact Bortek Industries today to add one of Bortek’s street sweepers to your fleet.

Finding the Ideal Street Sweeper for Your Patterson, NJ Company

Not sure which sweeper your Patterson, NJ business should buy? Our knowledgeable staff can analyze your needs and budget to determine which sweeper best fits your requirements. You can also witness any of our sweepers in action by requesting a free on-site plant demonstration. For unmatched customer service, rely on Bortek Industries for your street sweeping needs.

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