Brooklyn Sweepers Clean Up Grime

With the many tourist attractions in Brooklyn, sweepers are the perfect way to keep city streets, parking lots, parks and even the Brooklyn Bridge clean from the daily pedestrian, bike, car and truck traffic. Tourists and residents alike don’t want to see all the dirt and grime that accumulates year after year, they want a clean and sanitary environment that’s not littered with empty plastic soda bottles and other trash.

Bortek Industries™ has the sweepers Brooklyn streets need, from indoor walk-behind sweepers to ride-on industrial sweepers, from parking lot sweepers to hydraulically-powered, road-tested models. We sell the best machines in the business. Advance, Nite-Hawk and Stewart-Amos: these are the manufacturers that customers recommend the most for their reliability, cleaning performance and efficiency. Their standard features outshine other machines, because they take sweeping to the next level, offering excellent safety features, advance dust control and low maintenance costs. Contact us today; we can help you find the ideal sweeper Brooklyn businesses need to keep their streets and indoor surfaces clean.

The Ideal Sweeper Brooklyn Needs

Bortek Industries can help you find the perfect sweeper for Brooklyn businesses, whether you clean a small parking lot or own a city-wide street-cleaning fleet. Our knowledgeable staff can work with your budget and needs, visiting your worksite for an on-site demonstration of our sweepers in action. We can review standard and optional features that might be advantageous for your business. Whatever your cleaning needs are, we can achieve your goals with exceptional sales, service and support. Browse our complete line of sweepers, parking lot sweepers and outdoor equipment. We have Brooklyn sweepers that can be used outdoors and indoors. Our efficient models can help you clean faster and safer. Ergonomic models make even the longest shift work comfortable for the operator. Get rid of the grime quickly and efficiently; buy a Bortek Industries sweeper for your Brooklyn business.

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