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Street Sweepers Keep Erie Streets Clean

With the population ever increasing, cities and businesses are becoming increasingly difficult to keep clean from dirt, litter, and grime. Bortek Industries™ can help with powerful street sweepers from Nite-Hawk, Stewart-Amos, and Wayne. You’ll find our street sweepers in Erie, and many other cities, efficiently working to clean and beautify neighborhoods.

If you need help purchasing the best machine for your application, ask our knowledgeable sales team. Many of our sweepers can be customized based on your businesses needs. From the buying process throughout the entire time of ownership, Bortek Industries provides you with unmatched customer support and service.

Powerful Street Sweepers for Erie

Tackle the toughest jobs in the roughest conditions with our street sweepers. Quality-made to endure inclement weather conditions; these sweepers offer Erie businesses unmatched efficiency and performance. Whether you need a sweeper for a parking garage, street, or parking lot, our street sweepers can help keep your high traffic streets and pavements clean and free of grime.

A Safe Street Sweeper for Erie Businesses

For over 40 years, Bortek Industries has been supplying high-quality street sweepers that boast excellent safety features. Multiple lighting options ensure safe visibility for the operator and onlookers. Excellent maneuverability allows the driver to react in any situation. Regardless of application size or surface type, our sweepers offer Erie customers unmatched versatility and safety. With these excellent features, you will want to add one of Bortek’s street sweepers to your fleet.

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