Looking for Quality Sweepers in Youngstown, OH?

Bortek Industries™ has been supplying quality cleaning equipment to Youngstown, OH customers for over 40 years. We offer a complete line of sweepers, including those for indoor and outdoor use. Our line-up features the most recommended manufacturers among the cleaning community, such as Advance, Clarke, Nite-hawk, and Stewart-Amos. No matter what size your company is, Bortek Industries has the ideal sweeper for your Youngstown, OH business.

Indoor Sweepers for Youngstown, OH Businesses

To accommodate your needs, we offer walk-behind, compact ride-on, mid-sized ride-on, large ride-on, and outdoor ride-on sweepers. Choose the sweeper based on the area you need to clean, as well as the features you desire. With wide sweep paths, our sweepers are 2.5 times more productive than a vacuum. Plus, most sweepers have side brooms that eliminate the need for edge cleaning. Quieter than ever before, sweepers allow Youngstown, OH businesses to sweep at virtually any time of the day without causing disruption to coworkers. Our Advance Terra 28 walk-behind sweeper offers extreme versatility when sweeping floors and carpets, picking up dirt as small as sand and as large as plastic pop bottles. Our Advance Terra 4300 compact ride-on sweeper can cover up to 48,840 square feet/hour and has a tight turning radius to allow for easy maneuverability in narrow spaces. Increase your productivity; add a quality sweeper to your Youngstown, OH company.

Outdoor Sweepers for Youngstown, OH Streets

Today’s busy streets require a street sweeper that delivers the power to clean effectively and efficiently. Bortek Industries offers quality machines that can tackle the toughest jobs in the harshest conditions. Our street sweepers are Youngstown, OH customers’ ideal solution to all their cleaning needs from glass and sand to gravel and debris. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration of any of our sweeping machines.

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