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Why Buy a Street Sweeper in Reading, PA?

With increases in the population, streets are becoming more and more contaminated with many kinds of pollutants, such as trash, sediment, debris, road salt, sand and trace metals. Sweepers clean up the pollution, thereby reducing the amount of pollutants entering receiving waters. This prevents unnecessary contamination of our streams and waterways. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency considers street sweeping a Best Management Practice in protecting water quality. Sweepers also improve the aesthetics of our towns and control dust. These realities are what make a street sweeper an essential part of the day-to-day operations of any municipality. Guarantee good housekeeping; add a street sweeper to your Reading, PA fleet.

Quality Street Sweepers for Reading, PA Businesses

Bortek Industries™ carries parking lot and street sweepers from top manufacturers Nite-Hawk, Stewart-Amos, and Advance. With new advances in technology and increasing environmental concerns, today’s machines have become cleaner, quieter, and more efficient. Bortek Industries sweepers can tackle virtually any surface type in the harshest conditions. You’ll find our street sweepers in Reading, PA, and many other cities, protecting our environment by removing pollutants from our roads, highways, parking lots, streets, airport runways, parking garages and more.

Street Sweepers for Reading, PA Customers Backed by the Best Service

For over 40 years, Bortek Industries has been supplying quality cleaning equipment to Reading, PA customers. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products backed by excellent customer service. Contact us today for more information about any of our cleaning machines, or if you need help finding the best solution for your company. We would be happy to demonstrate any of our street sweepers at your Reading, PA business.

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