Manhattan Sweepers – Keeping the City Clean

As one of the most highly populated and most visited cities in the world, Manhattan sees its share of dirt and grime from thousands and thousands of workers, visitors and residents who pass through every day. Tourists come in droves to visit the hottest attractions from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Statue of Liberty, from the hottest play on Broadway to the Empire State building. Thousands of high-rises are home to workers and residents. With millions of hallway miles to keep clean, a Manhattan sweeper has to be powerful and reliable to handle this mega square footage of dirt, grime and dust.

With over 40 years in the cleaning business, Bortek Industries™ carries a full line of the most sought-after machines in the industry. Our Advance, Nite-Hawk and Stewart-Amos machines live up to their reputation, delivering high-performance, reliability and safety for the companies that own them. By adding a Bortek Industries sweeper to your Manhattan fleet, you are guaranteed to have a cleaning powerhouse that will provide you with countless years of superior performance.

A Sweeper Manhattan Needs

Whether you need to clean the aisles within a building or the streets outside, Bortek Industries has a model ideal for your cleaning needs. Compact Manhattan sweepers offer high maneuverability for easy and thorough cleaning. Large ride-on models easily tackle stores, warehouses, hospitals and schools. With our industrial outdoor sweepers, Manhattan parking lots, garages and streets can be cleaned with high efficiency and high performance. No matter which type of machine you need, Bortek Industries has the ideal sweeper for Manhattan companies.

Not sure which sweeper your Manhattan business needs? Contact the knowledgeable team at Bortek Industries . We work with you to find the right cleaning machine based on your needs and budget. We even carry a line of quality used machines when the budget is tight. Contact us today; we would be happy to demonstrate a sweeper in your Manhattan business.

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