High-Performance Outdoor Sweepers For Queens

Tourists, residents, workers and the rest of the population can create mountains of dirt and grime. An outdoor sweeper in Queens can combat the problem by effectively and efficiently cleaning up the city streets, parking lots and garages. From glass, sand, gravel and virtually any surface, industrial sweepers can tackle the dirtiest streets in the harshest environments.

Packed with features to help increase productivity, our sweepers come from the top names in the industry, such as Advance and Nite-hawk. These machines can be found in countless boroughs across the country, removing tons of grime and debris from the streets. A Queens sweeper can help protect the environment by removing the debris that would typically enter storm drains and pollute our rivers and oceans. To suit your needs and budget, our line of outdoor equipment offers many standard and optional features, such as wide sweep paths, no clog screens, air conditioning and camera monitoring. Delivering unequaled performance, our sweepers can help keep Queens streets clean.

Quality Indoor Queens Sweepers

Looking for the ideal Queens Sweeper for your business? Look no further than Bortek Industries™. We offer a wide range of quality machines, from compact walk-behind models to large industrial ride-on models that can be used both indoors or out. Our walk-behind models are self-propelled and battery-operated, featuring a range of sweep paths and hopper sizes. They are easy to maneuver, effortlessly turning in tight spaces.

Our compact and mid-sized ride-on models are ideal for heavy-duty, industrial use in places such as factories, warehouses, high-rises, garages, ramps and distribution centers. Large ride-on Queens sweepers are built for many years of continuous use with the ability to cover over 200,000 square feet per hour. These machines are ideal for rail yards, airports, parking garages, port authorities and other places where continuous sweeping is a must. No matter which machine you choose, all machines are built tough to clean efficiently. Contact Bortek Industries to add a Queens sweeper to your fleet today.

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