Powerful Sweepers for New Jersey Businesses

Sweepers in New Jersey can be found indoors and out cleaning the carpets, bare floors, streets, parking garages and countless other surfaces. New Jersey sweepers can be found in businesses, hospitals, airports, warehouses, distribution centers and tourist attractions. They clean the outdoor walkways at Six Flags to the indoor paths within the Camden Aquarium. These powerful cleaning machines help keep our environment clean from garbage, dirt and grime. New Jersey street sweepers not only beatify our towns, but they also help reduce pollutants in storm water runoff that contaminate our rivers and oceans. This huge task requires the help of a powerful cleaning machine.

New Jersey Sweepers from Top Manufacturers

Bortek Industries™ carries a large line of sweepers, from indoor walk-behind models for small jobs to heavy-duty industrial powerhouses that have the durability to endure daily outdoor use in any type of weather. From the most reliable and requested manufacturers, our New Jersey sweepers are built with features to help you clean efficiently, safely and faster. If you need to clean a large distribution center, then our mid-size ride-on sweepers are ideal. Want to reach speeds of over 200,000 square feet per hour? Then a large ride-on New Jersey sweeper is the answer. Our outdoor equipment is built with durability and quality to endure countless hours of cleaning.

New Jersey Sweepers from an Expert Team

No matter the size sweeper your New Jersey business needs, Bortek Industries has the perfect model for you. Browse our website to learn more about our innovative models that offer unique features to increase efficiency and productivity. Our expert sales staff can answer any questions you have about our machines, and we can bring a sweeper to your New Jersey location for an on-site demonstration. Our goal is to deliver the best service and support to each and every one of clients. For quality New Jersey sweepers, rely on Bortek Industries.

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