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  • Save time and labor costs by streamlining the way you clean. The PowerBoss Collector 34 Sweeper delivers high sweeping performance and capacity, due to its large main broom and hopper size. An overthrow sweeping system allows the hopper to achieve 100% capacity, giving you the ability to clean longer between dumping. Plus, the dirt is collected into two hoppers for more comfortable emptying.

    Cleaning Width: 34"
    Fuel Options: Battery, Gasoline
  • The PowerBoss Atlas delivers reliable, cost-effective performance in a maneuverable and compact package. This 64″ industrial sweeper can be used indoors and outdoors in parking lots, universities, hospitals, hotels, resorts, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and more. Using the latest, most fuel efficient engines on the market, the Atlas comes with your choice of gas/lp or diesel powered option, giving you the versatility to choose the right power source for your application. With only 83 dba noise level, this quiet machine can be utilized with little disturbance to others. By utilizing a premium hydraulic system to raise and lower the main and side brooms, the Atlas’ system is designed to be more cost-effective and reliable over the life of the machine.

    Cleaning Width: 64"
    Fuel Options: Diesel, Gasoline, Propane
  • Built with heavy-equipment design criteria, the PowerBoss Armadillo 10X Sweeper is constructed to handle places where continuous sweeping is necessary. With the largest sweep path in its class, this industrial sweeper can handle airports, rail yards, amusement parks, port authorities, parking garages and countless other applications that require daily cleaning.

    Cleaning Width: 72", 84"
    Fuel Options: Diesel, Gasoline, Propane
  • Another favorite, the PowerBoss 9X provides a hugely effective cleaning ability for large facilities. Industrial Grade, steel construction ensures it can handle any heavy duty sweeping task tossed its way. Built with a large 62″ sweep path that can be increased to 77″ with the retractable side brooms. The 9X also has an optional MERV 17 HEPA filter for effective silica dust management.

    Cleaning Width: 64", 80"
    Fuel Options: Diesel, Gasoline, Propane
  • Built with a strong chassis and powerful drive-train system, the Armadillo 6X will provide years of consistent and reliable service. The 10 cubic foot high-dump hopper can easily be emptied at multi-levels, depending on the needs of the operator. The ergonomic design yields a comfortable ride with high visibility and power steering. For dust-free sweeping, the Armadillo 6X comes with a dual-phase dust filtration system. With its oversized tires and extra ground clearance, the Armadillo 6X can easily negotiate rough terrain and speed bumps, as well as climb sidewalk curbs. Built for longevity, the Armadillo 6X meets the most rigorous cleaning requirements.

    Cleaning Width: 53", 63"
    Fuel Options: Diesel, Propane
  • Robust and economically efficient, the SweepMaster 1500 RH meets the highest demands in terms of both durable and economically efficient, heavy-duty applications. This ride-on electric vacuum sweeper is equipped with an efficient sweeping unit and a high-performance filter system. Power through your cleaning program at a rate of about 156,937 ft2/hr! Our electronically assisted one-button operating system makes handling the machine extremely easy. All of these extra benefits make the Sweepmaster 1500 RH the ideal universal sweeper for commercial sweeping tasks in production halls, empty industrial floor spaces or paved outdoor areas.

    Cleaning Width: 50", 64"
    Fuel Options: Battery
  • The Apex 58 operates off of battery power and all types of indoor and outdoor sweeping jobs are possible. The Apex 58’s powerful drives give excellent climbing ability – to be precise, 18 % for the battery version. These machines are capable of long run times. Run times are up to 3 hours for the battery version.

    Cleaning Width: 45", 58"
    Fuel Options: Battery, Diesel, Propane
  • Designed specifically for heavy-duty industrial use, the PowerBoss Apex 47 is a great compact rider sweeper for warehouses, factories, ramps, garages and countless other applications. Constructed on a steel frame with synthetic panels, the PowerBoss Apex 47 floor sweeper can be used inside or outside. The Apex 47 is the perfect sweeper for tight and narrow spaces as it has a 90-90 turning radius, which is the result of the directly steered front wheel drive.

    Cleaning Width: 40", 47"
    Fuel Options: Battery
  • Available in disc or cylindrical models, the Powerboss Phoenix 20 Scrubber is a compact walk-behind that has a 20″ cleaning path, 12-gallon solution tank and 13-gallon recovery tank. The Phoenix 20 is available in both brush and traction drive models. Offering ergonomic, adjustable speed regulation with the turn of a dial, the traction drive model can cover 20,000 square feet per hour.

    Brush Deck Options: Cylindrical, Disc
    Cleaning Width: 20"
    Fuel Options: Battery
  • With a cylindrical brush deck that has an integrated sweeping function, the PowerBoss Phoenix 24 scrubber has the power to guarantee an even cleaning result across the entire width of the machine. The Phoenix 24 can reach speeds of up to 23,680 feet per hour with its 19-gallon solution tank and 19.5-gallon recovery tank. Made of corrosion-resistant aluminum casting, this scrubber is built to last. The Phoenix 24 is also service-friendly, offering direct access to batteries and drive. The direct Brush Release System (BRS) allows the operator to change brushes and squeegees quickly. Flow-optimized dirty water tank with AFS (Anti Foam System) prevents foam while protecting the vacuum turbine.

    Brush Deck Options: Cylindrical
    Cleaning Width: 24"
    Fuel Options: Battery
  • The PowerBoss Phoenix 26 scrubber is a disc model equipped with the patented PowerBoss® Aqua-Stop. With other scrubbers, water spins out the sides of the brushes. Aqua-Stop prevents this from occurring, which decreases the amount of water and chemicals being used. Aqua-Stop not only saves you money on chemicals and water for your machine, but also concentrates that power within the brushes for a more thorough clean with one pass. The Phoenix 26 can clean even the most difficult floors and the squeegee provides optimum pick-up of dirty water, making the floor traffic ready almost immediately.

    Brush Deck Options: Cylindrical, Disc
    Cleaning Width: 26"
    Fuel Options: Battery
  • The Phoenix 2830 is a compact brush scrubber with a 28” cleaning path and features a cylindrical brush deck with an integrated sweeping function. The cylindrical deck is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum casting. The quick change brush system allows for the brushes to be changed with ease, no tools necessary. Easy-to-understand controls ensure that the machine is simple to operate.

    Brush Deck Options: Cylindrical
    Cleaning Width: 28"
    Fuel Options: Battery
  • The Phoenix 3030 covers 40,920 sq. ft. per hour. Easy-to-understand controls ensure that the machine is simple to operate. The 30 gallon recovery tank is easy-toclean and hygienic while the Anti-Foam System (AFS) protects the vacuum motor from damage. An on-board charger is convenient and allows the machine to be charged anywhere. As an added safety feature, when the on-board charger is plugged in, the machine is not operable. Removing the brushes is as easy as pressing down with your foot, handsfree brush removal. Squeegees have also been designed so that no operator adjustment is necessary. A low brush deck design is ideal for cleaning underneath obstacles such as shelves, warehouse racks and other stationary objects.

    Brush Deck Options: Disc
    Cleaning Width: 30"
    Fuel Options: Battery
  • With a compact footprint and larger capacity tanks and scrub width, the GTR ride-on auto scrubber differentiates itself by navigating better and fitting in environments other large capacity machines will not. With exceptional sight lines and optional side brooms, cleaning right up to the floor edge is simple. Add on heavy duty side doors and for extra protection of your scrub deck should the operator hit an obstacle or debris.

    Brush Deck Options: Cylindrical, Disc
    Cleaning Width: 29", 30", 33", 34", 36", 37"
    Fuel Options: Battery
  • Compact floor scrubbers are used everywhere there are medium and large spaces to clean. Many machines in the compact ride on scrubber market are light duty and majority plastic, lasting only 3 – 5 years. The GTX sit atop our signature welded steel frame assuring many years of service and durability. Equipped with simple controls virtually anyone can operate this machine with minimal training.

    Brush Deck Options: Orbital, Cylindrical, Disc
    Cleaning Width: 25", 26", 28", 29", 30", 33", 34"
    Fuel Options: Battery