PowerBoss Sweepmaster 1500 RH Sweeper

Robust and economically efficient, the SweepMaster 1500 RH meets the highest demands in terms of both durable and economically efficient, heavy-duty applications. This ride-on electric vacuum sweeper is equipped with an efficient sweeping unit and a high-performance filter system. Power through your cleaning program at a rate of about 156,937 ft2/hr! Our electronically assisted one-button operating system makes handling the machine extremely easy. All of these extra benefits make the Sweepmaster 1500 RH the ideal universal sweeper for commercial sweeping tasks in production halls, empty industrial floor spaces or paved outdoor areas.

Cleaning Path
50", 64"
Hopper Capacity
8.8 cu ft
Productivity (Theoretical)
108,791 sqft/hr



Economically efficient – and suitable for every application: The large side brooms of the Sweepmaster 1500 RH effectively do the groundwork for the main sweeping cylinder. They also do a proper job when it comes to working in curves or sweeping out corners. Provides long and uninterrupted sweeping: The sweeping system works by applying the overhead throwing principle, which ensures that the dirt hopper capacity is fully utilized. You’re set with a battery-powered drive system and will enjoy operating times of up to five hours. Your perfect choice for demanding indoor and outdoor applications. Even working on inclines – e.g. on access ramps or in multi-story car parks – are no problem at all for this SweepMaster.

Robust and Reliable: The outer frame of the Sweepmaster 1500 RH is made of solid steel, so, in contrast to other materials, it can take a knock or two. The frame, along with all other painted steel components of the machine, is given a two-layer corrosion protection treatment and therefore meets even the highest quality standards. Efficient filter systems and large dirt hoppers ensure long and uninterrupted working.



  • Cleaning Path:


  • Working Speed:


  • Hopper Capacity:

  • Productivity (Theoretical):

  • Productivity (Practical):

    100,000 sqft/hr

  • Size (L x W x H):

    88" x 53" x 63"

  • Weight:

    3,229 lbs, 3,780 lbs

  • System Voltage:

    36 VDC

  • Standard Battery:

    36V, 395AH

  • Battery Upgrade Options:

    AGM, Lithium

  • High-Dump Clearance:


  • PowerBoss SweepMaster 1500 RH Sweeper- Industrial Grade



    • Provides optimal utilization of machinery and staff capacities: up to five hours with the efficient battery-powered drive system.
    • Compatible with Dust Stop Broom Jacket
    • Enjoy the simplity, efficiency, and reliability of a powerful battery-powered drive system
    • Long, uninterrupted operation, thanks to efficient filter systems and large debris hoppers
    • Easy access to all components; the operating panel folds up easily without the needs for tools
    • Highest possible machine reliability thanks to the robust chassis


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