How To Section

Bortek Industries offers a wide range of cleaning equipment from floor machines and burnishers to sweepers and scrubbers for use on indoor and outdoor surfaces, such as parking lots, streets, carpets, and airports. Our How To Section overview offers the most effective ways to utilize our products.

How to Operate a Floor Scrubber

Using a floor scrubber is the most effective way to keep an industrial floor clean and free of stains. For smaller floors, a walk-behind model such as the Factory Cat Mini-HD will clean floors with minimal operator effort. For larger floors, a ride-on model like the PowerBoss Scrubmaster offers maximum cleaning efficiency and reduces cleaning time.

How to Control Foam in Floor Scrubbers

Riding floor scrubbers like the Powerboss Nautilus are an excellent choice for cleaning large industrial floors in the shortest amount of time, often making them the most cost-effective floor-cleaning solution for a business. However, some riding scrubbers can create excess foam during operation, which can inhibit the cleaning process. Proper operating techniques and machine maintenance can keep foaming to a minimum.

How to Drain a Floor Scrubber’s Tank

An important aspect of operating a floor scrubber such as the Factory Cat Mini-HD is the proper dumping of the cleaning solution and dirty water, both during and after operation. Proper dumping will minimize downtime when emptying during the cleaning process and prevent the build-up of foam that is prevalent in some types of ride-on floor scrubbers. It will also ensure that you are disposing of the fluids in a manner that is safe for the workers in your facility as well as the environment.

How to Adjust a Floor Scrubber Squeegee

If your floor scrubber is leaving behind dirty water on the floor, it may just be that you need to adjust the squeegee blade. Let us show you how it’s done!

How to Clean a Warehouse

It may seem like a daunting job due to the sheer magnitude of it. But don’t be deterred by the number of tasks that you need to accomplish. With smart planning, a dedicated staff and the right equipment, you can keep your company’s warehouse looking great and operating smoothly.

How to Use Ride-On Auto Scrubbers on Athletic Rubber Flooring

Athletic flooring, such as the type used to cover some indoor volleyball or basketball courts, needs special care to keep it safe for use and to help preserve its finish. The best cleaning method for rubber athletic floors is to use a quality ride-on auto scrubber, such as the Factory Cat GTX, along with a detergent specifically designed for cleaning these types of floors.

How to Clean Floor Grout

How to Clean an Office Kitchen, Break Room, or Cafeteria

Learn how to clean up eating areas and deal with food residue and dirty floors.

How to Clean an Office Lobby

Make a good first impression with a clean lobby.

How to Clean an Office Bathroom

Here’s how to clean an office bathroom – simplified into a four-step process.

Types of Floor Scrubbers

There are a number of methods you can use to scrub floors, although some are not well-suited for industrial needs. Your grandmother may have used the old-fashioned method of getting down on her hands and knees with a bucket of soapy water and a rag. Over time, products containing a handle like yarn, sponge and removable cloth mops have made the task of scrubbing floors a bit easier, although these methods require a great deal of time, and they are mostly inefficient for cleaning very large floor areas like those found in factories and schools.

How to Replace Your Soap Dispenser

Check out this video and picture guide for removing and replacing a wall-mounted manual soap dispenser.