How to Clean Floor Grout

Grout is one of those things that will either make your floors look amazing or, let’s face it, kinda gross. Over time, dirt and grease will make its way into the porous grout between your beautiful tile floors and leave your facility looking dingy and unkempt.

Why’s it matter? Well, think about it, when a customer walks into a car dealership, shopping center, lobby, or even a restroom, a clean floor influences their opinion of your establishment heavily. When they see a clean floor, they know the management is concerned with every detail in their business and that fact puts a positive spin on how your business appears in their mind.

Alright, back to that fancy new grout that likes to darken, over time, to that weird, brownish, gray color. What can you do to maintain its mystic powers of an oddly satisfying appearance? A whole bunch of stuff. Well, really just two or three things but they’re super easy to do.
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You’ve got a few options here. Ideally, you’d use something reliable and highly effective like the Factory Cat Pilot HD or Mini-HD scrubbers. The size of the area that needs cleaned and obstacle will dictate which of those machines you’d go with. Pressed for space? The PowerBoss Phoenix series or Factory Cat Micro-HD are also fantastic options!
Scrubbers use brushes (either disk or cylindrical) that do a great job of agitating the dirt and grease (in tandem with our Quasar SFR chemical). The Quasar & brushes remove the soils and the squeegee sucks it on up and you’re good to go! Your grout is back to its former glory!

Spraying Cleaning Grout


If you don’t have the time, space, or money for a cleaning machine, you can always go for using our Quasar Automatic cleaning chemical. With this product, you dilute, as directed, and spread it across the floor you’re concerned with cleaning. Allow for dwell-time and vacuum it back up or rinse it down the drain. Too easy, right?
Quasar Automatic is absolutely perfect for restrooms, showers, gyms, car wash facilities, and pretty much anywhere you’ve got grout.


Yeah, this sucks. We don’t recommend it. But you can do it. We won’t even describe how to do it. Instead, take a look at this article if this time-consuming, joint-torturing method is more your style.

Round Gallon jugCurious about our Quasar Automatic Cleaning Chemical?
• Improves color uniformity and enhances appearance.
• Restores grout.
• Removes common construction stains and atmospheric dirt.
• Removes oil and grease stains.
• Removes localized rust and other metallic staining on concrete.
• Works in Bortek automatic scrubbers
• Simple, automatic RESULTS when used as directed.
• Keep tile floors and walls looking clean and new, even in car service departments and car washes and showers.
• Actually restores the internals of cleaning equipment by removing water deposits, soap residues and bio films that can build up over time.
May be foamed on and vacuumed up or rinsed down floor drains. For restoration, allowing dwell time (to include allowing product to sit overnight) will significantly enhance results, and the removal of tough stains like rust, organic residues, blood, black mold, pollution, bio films and calcium.

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