How to Drain a Floor Scrubber’s Tank

An important aspect of operating a floor scrubber such as the Factory Cat Mini-HD is the proper dumping of the cleaning solution and dirty water, both during and after operation. Proper dumping will minimize downtime when emptying during the cleaning process and prevent the build-up of foam that is prevalent in some types of ride-on floor scrubbers. It will also ensure that you are disposing of the fluids in a manner that is safe for the workers in your facility as well as the environment.

Most floor scrubbers contain two fluid tanks: one for holding the mix of cleaning solution and water, and the other for recovering the dirty, used solution during the cleaning process. Before operating your scrubber for the first time, study the machine’s owner’s manual.
How to dump a floor scrubber
When the tank is nearly full, drive or push the scrubber to your facility’s designated dumping area. Be sure to follow any special instructions listed on the detergent’s label to ensure safe dumping.

  1. Locate the hose on the back of your machine that has a cap on it. These may be gray or black but they all look about the same. In our case, this Factory Cat Mini-HD Floor Scrubber’s hose is black.
  2. To slow the speed of the fluid that drains out, simply crimp the hose at the flexible part at the top and slowly release. That’s just so you don’t accidentally spew that “blech” all over yourself.
  3. Once the draining water is controlled, you can set down the hose and allow the tank to finish draining on its own.
  4. With the hose still in the draining position, spray out the tank and allow that water to drain as well.
  5. Reconnect attach the hose the scrubber. You’re done!

That wasn’t so bad, right? We hope this helps! If you have any questions, we’re always available to help!