Factory Cat Mini-HD Scrubber

One of the most powerful and durable machines in the Factory Cat series. The Mini-HD is equipped to handle the toughest jobs providing exceptional value.

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Proudly Made in the USA

The Factory Cat MINI HD Floor Scrubber is known for its simple design and durable construction, offering unmatched value for the customer. The MINI-HD Walk Behind Floor Scrubber comes equipped with a Traction drive which includes a powerful all-gear transaxle for climbing ramps and max operator ease.

While keeping with the constant durability that FactoryCat machines have to offer, your operators will find the MINI-HD Floor Scrubber Dryer easy to maneuver into tight areas, and simple to service. The deck is protected by steel guards and large polyurethane rollers to keep the unit from marking walls.

Factory Cat Mini HD Scrubbers are available with Disk & Cylindrical scrub heads.
Disk: Popular in most applications where general cleaning is a concern.
Cylindrical: Great when small debris is a concern as well as grouted tile lines.


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    More About Factory Cat

    Factory Cat Mini Mag

    • The Factory Cat MINI HD Floor Scrubber is known for its simple design and durable construction, offering unmatched value for the customer. The MINI-HD Walk Behind Floor Scrubber comes equipped with a Traction drive which includes a powerful all-gear transaxle for climbing ramps and max operator ease.

    Factory Cat Mag HD

    • FactoryCat’s MAG-HD Industrial Strength Floor Scrubber has earned a reputation for exceptional toughness and cleaning performance. The Magnum HD combines their historic cleaning ability with improved agility and operator productivity. Factory Cat floor care equipment thrive in metal fabrication facilities, car dealerships, machine shops, food and beverage packaging and distribution centers, and any application that needs a floor cleaning machine that can meet and exceed their expectations.

    Advance SC800

    • The Advance SC800 28D rugged, low-maintenance scrubbers deliver incredible value on a walk-behind platform. High productivity per tankful allows for 84 minutes of continuous scrubbing, which reduces dump/refill cycles and helps provide fast ROI. The optional EcoFlex™ System offers the flexibility to clean across the entire cleaning spectrum from green to clean. At the touch of a button one can switch from chemical free cleaning to using an ultra low dilution ratio, and of course detergent can be used at full strength for the toughest of soils.

    Advance SC900

    • Replacing the popular Advance Warrior and 34ST Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers, the brand new Advance SC900 Floor Scrubber offers the Best in class Industrial strength durability, safety, and performance. It’s what you would expect from Advance’s over 100 years of innovative engineering building high performance floor scrubbers. With easy to use and simple controls training is a snap.

    Tennant 5680

    • Achieve a consistently high level of clean with this durable walk-behind floor scrubber. Simple controls and streamlined maintenance features reduce cost of ownership. Extra-large tanks and optimal water recovery ensure maximum uptime and a safe, dry environment.

    Tennant 5700

    • Get outstanding cleaning performance in even the toughest environments with the 5700 Industrial Strength Floor Scrubber. This heavy-duty scrubber features rugged construction and maintenance-saving features including a breakaway squeegee, large demisting chamber and scrub heads with long-life corrosion resistance. With up to 300 pounds of down pressure, the scrubbing strength of this heavy-duty walk-behind scrubber is made for industrial, manufacturing and large commercial/retail cleaning.

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