Fang Push Floor Scrubber

Hardwood floors pose their own unique cleaning challenges, and the compact but highly potent Fang push floor scrubber is up to the task. The Fang is available with sweeping paths of 24, 26 or 28 inches to meet your company’s hardwood floor cleaning needs. This machine is built for maximum maneuverability, as its unique “platform” design allows for a more centered solution distribution between the wheels. This allows operator to easily navigate around corners and obstacles like furniture and equipment.

A highlight of the Fang is the ability to apply variable pad pressure while cleaning. This means that you can adjust the machine’s cleaning capability to the situation at hand, from slightly dirty areas to the most heavily soiled hardwood floors. The machine also features rotationally molded housing and an anti-foam system that prevents solution foam from reaching vital engine components.

The Fang’s variable speed drive allows the operator to select the most comfortable operating speed, and the forward and reverse drive adds to its nimbleness. The machine’s controls are highly accessible and easy to use, so little training time is required. The heavy-duty cast aluminum squeegee system recovers virtually 100 percent of the water put down by the machine, providing immediate drying capability. The Fang is the only push scrubber that comes with a set of onboard replacement squeegee blades, allowing for easy replacement in the middle of a job and resulting in minimal downtime. With the small but powerful Fang, you can keep your facility’s hardwood floors looking like new with minimal effort.