Advance Proterra Large Sweeper

The Advance Proterra large sweeper eliminates the need to settle for a dusty, dirty warehouse floor. This powerful yet maneuverable cleaning machine keeps dust to a minimum as it cleans with the unique DustClear five stage dust control system. The five stages include the state-of-the art DustGuard, which produces a dust-settling “fog” at the side brooms. There’s also the Vacuumized Main Broom Chamber, Liberator in Airflow Labyrinth, Nanofiber Technology Dust Filter and Airflow Restoration System. There’s no other large industrial sweeper that controls dust while it cleans like the Advance Proterra.

Besides its potent cleaning capabilities, the Proterra is also easy to operate. The ClearView offset hopper provides the operator with maximum visibility and eliminates the need to lean outside of the cab, greatly reducing the potential of industrial accidents. The Ana-logic controls simplify the operating process and speed up training time. Tilt steering is also available as an option for even easier maneuverability. The large shock-absorbing pneumatic tires make for a more comfortable ride.

Other Proterra features include the MaxAccess design system that provides easy access to all hydraulic and engine components for quicker repairs and maintenance. A variety of important safety features have also been incorporated, including an operator-controlled hopper safety alarm, impact-absorbing body structure and 5 mph bumper. The tip-back engine cover protects the operator from possible harm caused by moving engine parts. Other optional safety accessories are also available.

The Advance Proterra large sweeper is the most powerful, safe and efficient way to keep warehouse floors clean and dust-free.