Dulevo D3 Street Sweeper

Innovative design, robust constructions, effective solutions for applications, and the unique waste hopper makes the D3 one of the best in its class.

Cleaning Path
125", 50", 85"



The New Dulevo D3, the new generation of the incredible Dulevo 3000 Revolution, delivers a new sweeping experience. Its unique DNA blends with the most advanced technology ever to once again redefine the high standards of its category and accompany the operator in every moment of his work, every day.

Efficient and attentive to cost reduction. Thanks to Dulevo’s technological experience, the new D3 ensures the highest levels of performance in any context.

High performance and low consumption: Dulevo D3 combines tradition with innovation, redefining the brushing concept. Maximum efficiency and savings in consumption are the main characteristics of the new D3 that puts the operator at the center ensuring the best comfort of guide.

Efficiency and low consumption: The new D3 guarantees the highest levels of performance in every context, with lower consumption of water and fuel.

Innovation and cutting-edge technology: The high technology allows an intuitive and personalized use of the new D3, capable of adapting to any type of context.

People at the center: Easy and intuitive to use. A machine designed for guarantee the best well-being of the operator, also comfortable after many hours of use.



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  • Mechanical Filtering Aspirating System: The combination of the mechanical sweeping system and sweeping by suction, supported by a real dust filter, guarantees maximum performance and maximum versatility.

    Savings in water and fuel consumption: Water is only used to cut down on dust on the external brushes. Possibility to work even in the absence of water and great water savings compared to conventional systems. The D3 has an unrivaled ratio of fuel consumption to swept area.

    Reduction of downtime: The limited use of water or the absence of use, makes it possible to drastically reduce or even exclude the H20 refueling times required in conventional systems for PM10 & 2.5 abatement. For dust suppression (double cost).

    The D3 is a perfect replacement for the now discontinued Tennant Sentinel Sweeper! More bang for your buck, better performance and support!



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