Advance Exterra Hardwood Floor Sweepers

Hardwood floors require special cleaning care to maintain their lustrous look, like the kind provided by theAdvance Exterra large sweeper. The powerful extra-wide 50-inch main broom combined with the highly efficient full-time side brooms provide a total sweeping path width of an amazing 77 inches, so no hardwood floor is too wide for this one-of-a-kind cleaning machine. The uniquely effective optional DustGuard system allows for dust-controlled sweeping by utilizing a dust-suppressing “fog” at the side brooms, preventing dust from robbing hardwood floors of their shine.

You can select an Exterra model to meet your energy needs, as units are available that operate with gasoline, propane or diesel. The onboard battery charger is a standard piece of equipment on all Exterra models and allows operators to plug in to an electrical outlet no matter where the machine might be used. Other standard features include the state-of-the-art ClearView technology that offers maximum visibility for safe operation as well as a 14 cubic foot high hopper.

Like all Advance sweepers, the Exterra is known for its rugged durability, making it the perfect machine for heavy-duty use for years to come. But what you’ll come to appreciate the most about the Exterra is the way it increases productivity. The extra-wide sweeping path saves time by reducing the need to make multiple sweeps, improving productivity by as much as 80 percent. Imagine the positive impact that will have on your company’s bottom line. It’s no wonder why the Advance Exterra is fast becoming the popular choice for handling large hardwood floor sweepers needs.