Planned Maintenance: A Routine Check-Up for Your Cleaning Equipment

Ever think about why you’re supposed to schedule a yearly check up with your doctor? A routine visit to make sure you’re still breathing and everything is where it’s supposed to be. However, many of us look for excuses to avoid the cold, germ-infested, hour long wait at the doctors office or are just plain stubborn to go. “I’m fine… healthy as an ox… never been better” are a few common one-liners. If only it were that easy.

You may very well be healthy as an ox, but the goal of these scheduled appointments isn’t always to check on a current ailment, but to get an overall examination to prevent any issues BEFORE they happen! Planned maintenance, sometimes called preventive maintenance, works the same way with your cleaning equipment! It is a process of providing regular cleaning and minor repairs to equipment on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis rather than waiting until the equipment fails and requiring emergency repairs. The benefits of a planned maintenance program are a-plenty!

Our Planned Maintenance (PM) Program maximizes your equipment’s reliability, performance, and overall quality by ensuring regular and professional maintenance and inspections. Each inspection is conducted by one of our specially trained technicians to guarantee attention to every detail. We are as confident as anybody in these machines, but let’s face it, they aren’t built to last forever. Each machine will endure some bumps and bruises over the years. Your machines are exposed to some heavy workloads and without proper care, they are bound to decrease in effectiveness eventually.

Planned Maintenance Benefits

  • Preferred Customer Priority
  • Preferred Rental Rates
  • All manufacturer’s recommended maintenance
  • Regular adjustments and lubrication
  • Increase equipment life & prevent employee downtime
  • Reduce costs
  • Rotation of all brooms, brushes and flaps
  • Inspection of all parts and functions
  • Any warranty repairs needed will be made during PM visit

Spend a little now to save a lot later! Planned maintenance has proven to save our customers money over the long haul. The cost of a scheduled PM Program can add years to the life of your machine and save you from buying a new machine after unplanned system failures. Also, having that peace of mind knowing your power cleaning equipment will always be in great working order is invaluable; leaving you with the ability to focus on running your business without any unexpected machine breakdowns!



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