If you’re looking for quality, american-made, reliable equipment, Factory Cat is the way to go! Bortek Industries offers a wide range of cleaning equipment from Factory Cat, including sweepers, scrubbers, and sweeper-scrubber combinations. Factory Cat manufacturers quality machines that can be used to clean indoor and outdoor surfaces in virtually any application, including retail businesses, manufacturing facilities, machine shops, steel mills, car dealerships, convenience stores, tractor trailer service bays, and parking lots.

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Factory Cat History

Founded in 1986, the R.P.S. Corporation set out to produce quality sweepers. For a company in the cleaning industry, R.P.S. Corporation is fairly young. But what it lacks in time, it certainly makes up in passion and design innovation. Factory Cat history began with the Model 34 battery-powered walk behind sweeper. This unit was designed by William Mopps, a successful former engineer for NASA.

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Factory Cat Sweepers

Manufactured exclusively in the United States by the R.P.S. Corporation, Factory Cat sweepers are built tough to endure all your industrial cleaning requirements. From small businesses to large incorporations, Factory Cat sweepers can be found diligently working to keep floors clean and safe for traffic. Bortek Industries carries the best Factory Cat sweepers from walk-behind models to compact ride-on sweepers.

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Factory Cat Scrubbers

Cleaning your business is a necessity, but using a mop and bucket is an inefficient and time-consuming cleaning regimen. Factory Cat scrubbers are ideal for any business that wants to get the job done fast and easy. These compact machines maneuver easily in narrow aisles, as well as quickly clean larger spaces. Battery-operated Factory Cat scrubbers have no emissions, so they can be used indoors safely without giving off any harmful fumes. Bortek Industries carries the best models of Factory Cat scrubbers in walk-behind and rider models.

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Factory Cat Sweeper-Scrubbers

Get the best of both worlds with Factory Cat sweeper-scrubbers from Bortek Industries. These innovative machines vacuum the floor first, then aggressively scrub and finally dry the floor for immediate foot traffic. That means in one pass, you get a deep down clean that removes spills, dirt, dust and stains. No mess, no fuss.

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Factory Cat Parts

It’s inevitable. As your cleaning machine is used from day to day, certain parts will incur wear and need to be replaced. That’s why Bortek Industries carries a complete line of replacement parts for your commercial cleaning equipment for all the major brands, which includes quality Factory Cat parts.

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Factory Cat Service

Looking for a company that offers Factory Cat service? Look no further than Bortek Industries for expert Factory Cat service. We sell and service a complete line of quality Factory Cat sweepers and scrubbers. Manufactured entirely in the US, these sweepers and scrubbers are built for industrial applications and countless years of use. For quality Factory Cat service, rely on Bortek Industries.

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Factory Cat Maintenance

Do you need Factory Cat maintenance for your cleaning machines? Then look no further than Bortek Industries. For over 40 years, our service technicians have been helping the cleaning industry keep their machines running at peak performance. From large industrial ride-on sweepers to small, walk-behind scrubbers, we can service them all. Not only do we offer expert Factory Cat maintenance but we also service Advance, Night-Hawk, Clarke, Powerboss and any other manufacture of cleaning machines. No matter what the problem, we have the know-how to fix it.

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Used Factory Cat Sweepers

Used Factory Cat sweepers from Bortek Industries will deliver years of reliable service for your business. Whether you are in the market for a small walk-behind model or an industrial cleaning powerhouse, Bortek Industries has the perfect solutions to your cleaning needs. Used Factory Cat sweepers can be utilized to clean a wide variety of locations, including machine shops, steel mills, government buildings, retail businesses and manufacturing facilities. No matter what type of business you own, Bortek Industries can help you keep it clean.

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Used Factory Cat Scrubbers

Tired of cleaning the conventional way with a mop and bucket, but can’t afford a brand new machine? Then a used Factory Cat scrubber from Bortek Industries is the economical solution to your problem. One of our high-performance machines can increase your cleaning efficiency without breaking the bank.

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Used Factory Cat Sweeper-Scrubbers

When you buy used Factory Cat sweeper-scrubbers from Bortek Industries, you get machines that are as good as new, but for a fraction of the price. Most of our pre-owned stock either comes from clients that are upgrading to newer machines or are turning in a lease. These used Factory Cat sweeper-scrubbers represent the quality and high standards that clients expect from Bortek Industries. Each of our pre-owned machines has been thoroughly serviced by our knowledgeable technicians and is guaranteed to provide you with many years of reliable cleaning performance.

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