Factory Cat Sweeper Scrubbers

Used Factory Cat GTX 30C Rider ScrubberGet the best of both worlds with Factory Cat sweeper-scrubbers from Bortek Industries. These innovative machines vacuum the floor first, then aggressively scrub and finally dry the floor for immediate foot traffic. That means in one pass, you get a deep down clean that removes spills, dirt, dust and stains. No mess, no fuss.

Factory Cat Sweeper Scrubbers Features

Factory Cat sweeper-scrubbers are battery-operated so they can go where you need them to go without releasing any exhaust fumes. Plus, you can charge them anywhere. Their compact size gives you the ability to easily maneuver them in narrow aisles and tight spaces. Built with all steel construction, Factory Cat sweeper-scrubbers are designed to handle all your industrial cleaning needs. Tanks tip back for easy servicing. Effortless, economical, compact and powerful, Factory Cat sweeper-scrubbers tackle the most difficult cleaning challenges.

Factory Cat Sweeper Scrubbers Can Be Found Everywhere

Bortek Industries carries both walk-behind and rider Factory Cat sweeper-scrubbers. These models deliver effective cleaning for countless industries, including retail, distribution, sports arenas, healthcare, hospitality, packaging, casinos, food/beverage, government and education. Reach high cleaning productivity in your business with Factory Cat sweeper-scrubbers from Bortek Industries

About Factory Cat Sweeper Scrubbers’ History

Built exclusively in America by the R.P.S. Corporation, Factory Cat sweeper-scrubbers have emerged from a need in the industrial cleaning industry for compact, economical, battery-operated, high-performance machines. In 1992, their first machine was sold—the Model 34 walk-behind sweeper. This innovative machine remains in their line today and continues to sell around the world. Today, the R.P.S. Corporation sells a complete line of Factory Cat sweeper-scrubbers to dealers in thirty-five countries around the world. Based on their success, they are the fastest growing floor equipment manufacturer in the industry.

Contact Bortek Industries to see Factory Cat sweeper-scrubbers in action at your facility. We would be happy to visit your place of business for a demonstration and to review all the advantages.