Factory Cat History Begins

Founded in 1986, the R.P.S. Corporation set out to produce quality sweepers. For a company in the cleaning industry, R.P.S. Corporation is fairly young. But what it lacks in time, it certainly makes up in passion and design innovation.

Making Factory Cat History With the Model 34

The history of Factory Cat begins with the Model 34 battery-powered walk behind sweeper. This unit was designed by William Mopps, a successful former engineer for NASA. After 2 years of refinement and testing, the Model 34 was sold to its first customer in 1992. Still available today, this sweeper has sold many units and is being used in countless mills, machine shops and other businesses across the continent. From large metal shavings to woodchips and dust, this self-propelled sweeper can tackle the harshest industrial environments. Contact Bortek Industries to see this powerful machine in action.

Factory Cat history continued with the first international shipment of the Model 34 in 1993 along with the inception of a warehouse, parts department and office. This rapid expansion brought with it many challenges to overcome, including dependability and capitalization.

Making Factory Cat History With the Ride-On Sweeper

The next advancement in Factory Cat history was from the clients’ desires to have larger ride-on machines. Factory Cat designers set out to create a ride-on model that would clean effortlessly with the operator in a comfortable seat.

Scrubbers Make Factory Cat History

It wasn’t long before Factory Cat history was made again with the introduction of its first scrubber design in 1995, aptly named the Model Alpha 40. As sales grew, a new factory was built to house the additional assembly machines.

Factory Cat history continued as many new scrubbers, sweepers and combination sweeper/scrubber models were designed, each one adding new innovations and design features that were better than the previous models. In 2001, the R.P.S. Corporation moved into their current home where they produce today’s quality Factory Cat machines.